Best Time To Visit Mcleodganj

Best Time To Visit Mcleodganj

When you’re planning your trip to Mcleodganj, people often ask what is the best time to visit. In this post, we’ve compiled all the information you need on when it’s best to visit and what you can expect during this time. let’s start the topic.

what is the best time to visit in Mcleodganj ?

It’s best to visit Mcleodganj during the month of October to February. The weather is pleasant during this period and you may experience great contrast in temperatures. This period of time is ideal for visiting the beautiful temples, natural sites and other attractions. Moreover, during this time of the year, tourists and travelers from all over the globe come here to explore the place.

Now let’s take a look at the climate in October to February:

The average temperature in Mcleodganj during this time is 18°C and the minimum temperature is 8°C. The maximum temperature is 26°C. The average rainfall in Mcleodganj during this time is 218.8 mm (8.7 inches). The maximum monthly rainfall recorded in this period is 327.4 mm (12 inches). Travelers and tourists, who come to Mcleodganj during this time, can experience pleasant weather and great contrast in temperatures. The weather is perfect for visiting the charming temples, natural sites and other attractions in the region.

Things to Remember during this period of time:

– There is a risk of getting sick due to the cold weather. So, tourists and travelers visiting Mcleodganj during this time must carry several warm clothing articles

– It gets very cold during the night and you also need warm clothing articles. Women can carry gloves, head gears, etc. and men can carry warm jackets, hats and gloves

– During the day, there is a risk of getting sunstroke because of the strong sunlight. Do not leave your room during the day without a hat, sunglasses and a scarf

– Carry a windbreaker as it can get extremely cold at night

– If you have sensitive skin then you should wear a scarf to cover your face from dust

– Be very careful while driving during the night as the streets are not illuminated completely in some areas. So, take care while driving

Other seasons in Mcleodganj :


Summer: March to June

The weather in this season is hot and humid. Rainfall is low to moderate. The average temperature in this season is 20°C and the minimum temperature is 12°C. The maximum temperature is 30°C. Due to heavy rainfall, tourists should avoid visiting Mcleodganj in this time of the year

Monsoon: July to September

The monsoon season is the wettest season in Mcleodganj. Rainfall is very heavy in this season and the average temperature is above 25°C. The minimum temperature is 15°C.
These conditions make it difficult for travelers to visit Mcleodganj. The rainy season affects the roads and trails in Mcleodganj and it’s difficult for travelers to visit the place. The weather in this season is not ideal for visitors

Winter: October to February

The winter season, is cold and dry in Mcleodganj. It’s ideal for visitors who want to experience an amazing contrast in temperature. Travelers get to experience the true beauty of the place. the harsh conditions of snowfall. The weather in this season is harsh, cold and dry. Snowfall occurs sometimes in this season. The average temperature in winter is 8°C and the minimum temperature is −2°C. The maximum temperature is 20°C


The weather in Mcleodganj changes from day to day. Sometimes, tourists may experience pleasant weather and other times they may experience harsh conditions of rain and snowfall. But if you will visit Mcleodganj during the period of October to February you can expect a moderate climate with low rainfall. we hope you will enjoy your stay in Mcleodganj. and if you want to know about more places visit us at

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