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Travel Khana – A Portable Answer to Your Problems || travel khana offers

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The Problem on the trains || travel khana is the solution

The primary issue that most people experience while traveling on trains is that the food served on the trains is terrible. A lot of the food offered on trains is not how they are to be made. Moreover, most of the time, the food is neither flesh nor tasty, even though it looks tempting. This is one of the significant issues that is faced when traveling in trains. Of course, there are exceptions in some trains where they offer better quality food, but it is generally the better quality trains where the food is terrible.

Therefore, one of the significant issues faced while traveling in trains is the quality of food. But now you know that you have no option but to live with it! The Solution Although the problem is a big one, it is not impossible to solve.


What’s The Solution? || khana travel

There is a solution to it all. It all boils down to selecting food that you would like to eat on the long journeys. This is the perfect mix of two different cuisines that our experts recommend. The way you eat train food depends on two primary aspects. First, if you don’t want to cook, and second if you don’t have much time in hand. The food is recommended by the experts to be eaten in two separate ways. On the one hand, you have light weight and simple foods, and on the other, you have those with a higher calorie value. While this sounds a little complicated at first, it is not! From light, healthy, and simple to spice-ridden and intense and rich food. Here are some simple tips that you can follow to ensure that you eat some fantastic food on the railway.


Travel Khana – A Portable Answer to Your Problems || travel khana offers

Yes, I know this sounds like a big solution for a simple problem. However, once you get your hands on the first food pack, you will realize the food can make your journey on the train a memorable one. In this article, we will be listing some of the best foods that one can have in the first few days of travel—food to Pack on Your Next Trains

1. Potato and Tomato Kebab If you are looking for something light and appetizing, then this is it. This is the ultimate snack on the overnight trains. Please start with the following ingredients

2-inch wood kebab skewer, one yellow onion, one red pepper, one tomato Seasoning with salt, Chilli powder, Curry powder Dip the skewer in the spices and then add the ingredients to it. Make sure the seasoning is evenly spread all over the kebab.


How TravelKhana Works || travel khana coupons

Travel Khana is an online food ordering system available for travel on Indian Railways. Travelers can place their orders using a mobile app or online. You can order food from eateries located near to your train. You can also order from restaurants which are situated in your city. The app or website lists the most popular food joints in your town, so you can quickly get a reasonable idea.

A filter option allows you to choose the type of food that you would like to order. Some of the food joints are vegetarian, while others have a combination of vegetarian and nonvegetarian.


The Range of Food Breaks That TravelKhana Offers || travel khana app

Travel Khana is offering a wide range of food choices. From Lucknow pakoras and Hyderabadi kebabs to the typical vegetarian fare- paneer. There are more vegetarian options and nonvegetarian options that will help you choose according to your budget. For those who love the taste of Punjabi food, there is no better place than TravelKhana. There are options like puri, dal, and chaw, which will go very well with Punjabi dishes. If you are looking for something hot, there are options like hot chicken curry and local fish curry.Another fantastic product that Travel Khana offers is the tandoori pieces of bread! The very fresh buns are delicious, and it is great to have a little bit of warmth in the cold winter evenings. There are also dessert options like mint chaat and sweet cottage cheese!

Conclusion || travel khana

While most of the problems in the Indian Railways can be solved with technological intervention, there is a need to keep a check on the food quality. This is one primary reason behind the increasing incidents of food poisoning. People usually pack a lot of food for the overnight trains, which increases the load on the train’s infrastructure. This increases the chances of food poisoning, which could result in sickness or even death.If you want to keep a check on the food served in trains, make sure you keep all the food items in sealed paper bags with proper airtight covers. You could also freeze food when you are not going to eat it. The better things to carry on the train are plastic and ceramic plates, cutlery, a flask with a screw cap, and drinking water.

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