Best Time To Visit Kerala

Travel Guide: All That You Need To Know About Best Time To Visit Kerala

Kerala is a state of India and has the fourth-highest GDP among states. It has been called God’s Own Country. The third-largest state by area, it had a population of 33 million in 2011. The best time to visit Kerala is September to March.

Kerala is an extremely popular tourist destination because of its many beaches and its ancient history, with its many temples and churches dating back to the 8th century AD. It also has some great places to visit like Munnar, the misty mountains of Wayanad, and the wildlife sanctuaries situated in Eravikulam National Park. 

The state holds a lot more appeal for ex-pats as it’s very affordable and peaceful due to low crime rates compared to other states in India. Kerala is home to many religions and this is the reason why there is a major division of castes in the state. The educated and affluent people from the upper castes live in Kerala’s cities. They still adhere to all major Hindu festivals but follow some sort of Christianity for their cultural identity. The lower castes are Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu.

Christianity has been a part of Kerala for centuries and it’s deeply entrenched in its history and culture. Christianity started as early as the 4th century in Kerala when St. Thomas landed there on his way to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in India from Judaea via Persia. The best time to visit Kerala is September to March.

Travel guide to Kerala

8 Reasons Why Monsoon Is the Best Time to Visit Kerala

  1. Onam Festivities- In the Indian state of Kerala there lies a great tradition called the Onam. This festival is celebrated all over Kerala but mainly in the state capital Trivandrum.
  2. The Thrilling Destination- Thrilling attractions like the Houseboat, backwaters and scuba diving, Elephant Safari, and wildlife sanctuaries are some of the most exciting experiences for tourists.
  3. Rich in History- Kerala has been the central region for several dynasties, namely the Cheras and the Zamorins.
  4. Traditional Culture Remains- The traditional culture is deeply ingrained and remains a part of the culture of Kerala.
  5. A Heaven for Art Lovers- The architecture and art in Kerala has a wide variety to offer to tourists, with its rich heritage of arts and sculptures painted on walls, wood carvings, craftwork on wood, and silver ornaments which are a treat to watch.
  6. Beaches are Ideal for Relaxation- There are many beaches in the state where one can get rejuvenated by soaking in the sun or going swimming with friends. 7. Cheerful, Happy People- The people of Kerala are considered the most cheerful in India and they will make your tour more enjoyable.
  7. Nature’s Paradise- Kerala is a nature lover’s paradise with its scenic beauty, backwaters, and wildlife sanctuaries, which are home to many endangered species of birds and animals. 

Reasons Why to Visit Kerala During Monsoon Season

  1. Back Water Cruising: You can enjoy a cruise on a boat through interconnected canals all over Kerala which run parallel to the rivers in the region. Kerala is extremely beautiful during monsoon when greeneries along with various flowers bloom and rivers overflow with water creating an aura of harmony around them.
  2. Thrilling Fair: Thrilling fairs are also organized during the monsoon in Kerala, which includes some traditional festivals like Onam. The best time to visit Kerala is September to March.
  3. Wildlife Sanctuaries: The wildlife sanctuaries are home to many endangered species of birds and animals, so this time is the best time for tourists to enjoy spotting them and taking their photographs.
  4. Water Sports: You can enjoy water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, and deep-sea fishing from June to September.
  5. Elephant Safari: During the monsoon, elephants are moved from their winter locations to the forests and open fields near city limits where they can roam freely to exercise themselves before they go into hibernation again next year. 
  6. Golden Season: The winters in Kerala are from November to February, but the summers are from March to May making this a great time for tourists to see all the famous things.
  7. Overnight Stay: During the monsoon, you can stay overnight for two or three days at a tree-house resort which is built on tall trees and allow tourists to sit on the branches and enjoy views of the greenery all around them. 
  8. World’s Little Dragon: The region is considered the home of the world’s smallest dragon known as Puliyoor Skinkha or Chikki or Buddha or Malabar Hill Skinkha has a length of only 2 inches. 
  9. Rain Forest: The rain forest in Kerala is considered one of the most important forests on earth because it’s home to more than 1000 species of plants and 300 species of animals. 
  10. Home to the Endangered Great Indian Bustard: Kerala is considered a home for the endangered great Indian bustards which used to be found all over South Asia but now only a few remain in one area near the forests in Munnar
  11. World’s Smallest Frog: The World’s smallest frog named the Kalawa Jumbo or the Southern Indian Banana Frog is found in the Western Ghats of Kerala and can be seen from June to August.
  12. An Exciting Cultural Festival: The famous Fairs and Festivals are organized during the monsoon, like Kullu Dussehra, which takes place in October. 
  13. Go on a Boat Cruise: You can also go on a cruise along with your family or friends during the monsoon. A day-long cruise will help you to explore the beauty of Kerala’s backwaters at night, which looks spectacular with all the lights decorating them and all the greenery around. 


Monsoon, and Kerala are synonyms because the monsoon season is the best time to explore Kerala and witness the rich history, culture, and traditions of this Indian state. The best time to visit Kerala is September to March.

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