Best Places To Eat in Pune

Best Places To Eat in Pune

Pune offers some of the best restaurants, bars, and cafes in India. It has a large number of cuisines to try, ranging from Indian food to international cuisine which you can enjoy with your friends. You can find them at any corner of this beautiful city so don’t forget your sunglasses! So no matter what you want to eat, we have the best pune place for you here. 

Here are the top seven best places to eat in Pune.

  1. Dorabjee & Sons Restaurant, Pune

This is one of the best restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and serves authentic Punjabi food. You can visit here to try delicious Punjabi Mutton Biryani, Carrot and Cauliflower Stir-fry, Black Pepper Chicken Curry, Chole Masala & Surti Chole Bhatta.

2. Zamu’s Place, Pune

This is one of the most popular restaurants for pizza and pasta and here you will find a very friendly staff and amazingly delicious food. If you are new to this place then we recommend you to try Paneer and Mushroom Pizza, Chicken Club Sandwich, Pasta Alfredo, Jain Veg Cheese Pizza, Chicken Corn Soup and so on.

Location : Dhole Patil Road

3. Malaka Spice, Pune

If you are looking for best sea food in Pune then this is the place for you. Malaka Spice serves fresh seafood and meat cooked in a European style. On the menu, you will see the amazing dishes like Seafood Platter, Spring Rolls with Sweet & Sour Chutney, Masala Fish, Broiled Crab Meat, Garlic Snow Peas and many more.

Location: Koregaon Park, Pune

4. Hotel Shreyas, Pune

Shreyas hotel is a very good hotel which offers delicious food with its best staff. You will enjoy your meal with the perfect service here. Check out the menu of this hotel and see the amazing dishes like dry veg sabzi made of either katri batata or gobi batata or bhendi masala or a combination of everything; there is a gravy-based dish too, made of bharli wangi, methi patal, palak patal and tomato rasa.

Location : Koregaon Park, Pune

5. The First Brewhouse, Pune

The First Brewhouse is one of the best pubs in Pune with a variety of food and drinks. You will really enjoy the beer here and the food menu is equally delicious. It has food like Spicy Chopsuey, Masala Fish N Chips, Vegetable Biryani, Veg Pizza and a lot more.

Location : Inside The Corinthians at NIBM

6. Shabree Restaurant, Pune

This is a very good restaurant for Indian and Chinese food. You will get the most amazing service and hospitality here. The food is delicious and if you are not sure about what to order then go for Veg Chinese Menu, Chicken Chinese Menu, Palak Paneer, Dal Fry, Butter Naan and so on.

Location : Shivajinagar, Pune

7. Vohuman Cafe, Pune

It is an amazing place to enjoy delicious food with your friends. Vohuman Cafe serves some of the best food from all over the world and you will enjoy the perfect hospitality. It has dishes like Chicken Sandwiches, French Fries, cheese omelette, bun maska , cream plate  and many more.

Location: Sangamvadi, Pune

15 Things You Must Eat In Pune

  • Vada-Pav At JJ Garden
  • Misal Pav At Bedekar
  • Kheema Pav At Goodluck Cafe
  • Beef (Buff) Kheema At Gulzar-E-Mohammmadi
  • Patti Samosas At Akhtar Samosa
  • Cheesy Deep Dish Pizza At Baked & Wired
  • Delectable Lemon Tarts At Diamond Bakery
  • Chicken Kathi Rolls At Kapila
  • Sabudana Vada At JM Road
  • Chicken Special Thali At Maasa
  • Classic Pav Bhaji At Shiv Sagar
  • Wafers At Budhani
  • Daal Baati At Baba Ramdev Dhaba
  • Sushi At Koji
  • Bingsu At Cafe Peterdonuts

Final Words

Pune is one of the most beautiful cities in India and here you will get some of the best food you have ever eaten. So no matter what your taste buds are craving for, Pune has it all. All you have to do is make sure that you carry plenty of cash to pay for your food and then savor every bite! Make sure that you face all these amazing places at least once and if possible, try them multiple times.

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