Best Places To Visit In South India

The Best Places To Visit In South India: A Traveler’s Guide 4 you

The Best Places To Visit In South India: A Traveler’s Guide 4 you

South India is a land of captivating beauty. It is also a land that is not as well-traveled as the north of India, so it is a great place to visit for those who want the feeling of “less tourists, more locals.” The south is also one of the most diverse regions in India, with a variety of landscapes, languages, and cultural practices. I’ve been to all of these places, and I hope you find
something you’re interested in. Here are The Best Places To Visit In South India.


Kerala || best places to visit in south India

Also known as The Divine Land, Kerala is well known for the diversity and beauty that the landscape has to offer. It is a beautiful place to visit. Visit the Mannarasala Temple, Bharananganam Temple, and the Pallipuram Shiva Temple, UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The soil in the state is rich in high-quality red sand, and one of the leading reasons for its red color is minerals like copper, iron, manganese, and more. Another lovely thing about Kerala is the diverse landscape. As I said before, it is located on the west coast of India and is renowned for its natural beauty. When visiting, we visited the backwaters and the Ayyappa Temple.


Karnataka || best places to visit in december in south India

The Kodachadri mountain range lies in the northern part of Karnataka. The tallest peak is the Kaduveli mountain, with a height of 5476 meters above sea level. This place is home to some of the most beautiful and historically significant locations. The Anjaneya Swamy Temple is the most prominent tourist spot in the area, Jog Falls. The holy rivers such as Bhadra and Mandovi are also spotted in the area.

The best way to visit the Kodachadri region is by road, starting from Bengaluru. Andhra Pradesh The Krishna Raja Sagar reservoir, one of the largest manufactured lakes in the country, is situated in Amaravati. There are a few ancient temples within the vicinity of the reservoir. Pine forests and cashew plantations surround the lake.


Andhra Pradesh || best places to visit in april in south India

Velugota Waterfall Velugota Waterfall (also known as the Seven Lakes) is one of the most famous waterfalls in South India. It’s located in Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, about 90 kilometers north of Visakhapatnam. These waterfalls occur due to the convergent-divergent complex and rainfall in the area. It is best viewed in February, March, and April, and though it is just a two-hour drive from Visakhapatnam, you may opt to stay overnight in the nearby locality. Check out this Andhra Pradesh hotel for rooms and accommodation.

Shiva’s Shivarathri Waterfalls Shiva’s Shivaratri Waterfalls, located within the Seshachalam Hills of Tamil Nadu, is one of the main attractions for visitors to the Shiva Temple Seshachalam, Tamil Nadu.


Telangana || best places to visit in south India in June

You will be quite impressed by the luscious green scenery and picturesque greenery you see while traveling through the western part of the state. Known as the Golden Quadrilateral of the country, this part of the state is dotted with temples and historical places that you can explore in leisurely ways.
Hyderabad is your best bet for lodging and all other logistical needs. The Uppada lake, Katapally, the Wanaka, and the Agrahara will provide you with breathtaking views of the city from across the lake. Kerala, The finest natural resources such as the backwaters, beaches, mountains, and all-around idyllic landscapes, make Kerala the most beautiful state in the country.


Tamil Nadu || best places to visit in south India in April

You don’t have to be a fan of Tamil to be taken in by the country’s culture. The fantastic Dhanushkodi is one of them. This is a small fishing village in the Indian Ocean. This small fishing village is incredibly well preserved. It’s mainly made of limestone and looks almost prehistoric in its antiquity. It’s a one-hour ferry ride from Mannar. There is no other experience like this one. You can’t go

wrong visiting The Tiruvannamalai Santhakethu Kavu. You have to see this wonderful temple of Shiva.
The shrine has 3200 figurines in 12 chambers. There are many festivals at this temple, including Periyali, Vedapathy Muthiram, Vaikunta Ekadasi, Thillai Madurai, Etc. There is a nine-day festival in Tamil Nadu during which people pay homage to Hindu deities at different shrines.


Conclusion || best places to visit in south India

According to Statistics India, South India has a staggering 467 million people (as of 2021). These travel destinations in South India are considered the best for travelers. So if you are planning to plan your holiday, go ahead and explore your destination with these top travel destinations in South India.

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