Popular Things To Do in Amritsar

Popular Things To Do in Amritsar

Popular Things To Do in Amritsar, India

If you are looking for a tourist city that is truly unique, Amritsar might become your new go-to destination. This city is developed out of the Sikh religion and has been around since 1556. There are many things to see here including some historical buildings and attractions dedicated to the Sikh culture.


This article provides a list of all these attractions as well as ideas on where else you can go in this beautiful country side.


1) Visit the Golden Temple

Amritsar is most known for the Golden Temple or the “Gurudwara Sri Harmandir Sahib”. This temple is a holy site to the Sikhs and even non-Sikhs are viewed as guests coming in to visit.
The temple itself is large in size with marble floors and gold detailing. The surrounding area of this building has beautiful walkways with lush plants, water fountains, and plenty of seating for visitors. The temple is actually a beautiful place to spend time and you can even have lunch with your family here.
There are many things you can do for fun in the temple area, including shopping for religious items, bathing in the sacred pool, and visiting the museum.
At night the golden lights make the temple seem almost unreal and make it one of the most interesting sights you will see in Amritsar.

2) Take a dip in the holy water around Shri Durgiana Temple

Amritsar may be known for being a religious city, due to the Sikh population, but there are many other religions in India. One of them is Hinduism and the sights of these temples are amazing as well.
The Shri Durgiana Temple is located in the middle of Amritsar and can be seen from most locations in this city. The temple has been here since 1690 and has a reputation for being one of the most important temples to visit in the area.
Like the Gurudwara, this temple is made of marble and gold detail. Many people come to the temple in order to bathe in the sacred pool.

3) Enjoy the Evening At wagah border – Popular Things To Do in Amritsar

The Wagah Border is a very famous border between India and Pakistan. Many people travel to watch the ceremony and to take photos of the beautiful architecture.
The ceremony here happens every day at 5 PM and lasts about ten minutes. The whole process is simple but beautiful as well, with both countries standing in front of each other with their flags flying on poles. It is a very moving experience watching this ceremony and one I recommend everyone who visits Amritsar to see.

4) Visit The Historical Site Jalianwalah Bagh

Amritsar is also the home of many historical sites. One of these is the Jalianwalah Bagh. This site was dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi but became famous for being one of the most tragic occurrences in the history of Amritsar.
This site tells the story of British soldiers opening fire on several hundred unarmed Indians that were praying here in 1919. There are many articles here and it is a very famous sight to see for anyone visiting Amritsar, especially students. This ia One of the most Popular Things To Do in Amritsar.

5) Visit Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum

Amritsar is also home to the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum. This museum is great for anyone who has an interest in learning about Indian history as it tells the story of how the Sikh religion grew over time.
There are many displays here as well as many trees and a hill where people can stop and sit down and relax.
The museum is located on Gurdwara Road on the way to Dak Chowk. This is a great stop as it will allow you to see a different part of the city and learn something new.

6) Shopping in Amritsar

When in Amritsar, you will have the opportunity to see a large variety of shops. This is mainly due to the large Sikh population and also because many different people travel here on business or to visit during their vacations.
There are many shops that sell religious items and souvenirs which are great for anyone who is a fan of this beautiful city. You can also find stores that sell clothing, shoes, antiques, and general goods.

shopping places in amritsar: 

The Celebration Mall

Location– Batala Road, Amritsar
Timing– 9 AM to 11 PM

Hall Bazaar

Location– Hall Bazaar road, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar.
Timing– 10: 30AM to 10 PM

Guru Bazaar

Location– Shiv Puri, New Amritsar city
Timing– 10: 30AM to 9:3OPM

Alpha One Mall

Location – Near to Mbm Farms, Sultan wind sub-Urban, Main GT Road, Amritsar India.
Timing– 11: 00AM to 11:00PM

Trilium Mall

Location– Opposite to Basant Avenue, plot No – C- 4, Circular Road, Amritsar.
Timing– 11: 00AM to 11:00PM


Popular Things To Do in Amritsar At Night


So you’ve seen all the sights in the day and now you are ready to spend the night in Amritsar. There are many things to do at night and it is one of the most popular times of the day in this city.

7) Start with a Visit to the Golden Temple

The golden lights that dance off of the Gurudwara during the day will continue to shine in your eyes as you stare at it all night. This is one of the most magical things you can experience in Amritsar and should not be missed if you have the chance.

8) Go On A Night Tour

Amritsar has a historic district full of many sights at night so it would be a great idea to go on a night tour. This district has many landmarks that glow brilliant colours at night making them easy to find.

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9) Dinner at one of the many Punjabi Dhabas In Amritsar

Amritsar has many places to eat. These include Punjabi Dhabas, where you can enjoy tandoori dishes and typical local fare. There are many other ways to eat and you will be surprised at how many restaurants there are in this city.

10) Go to the Night Bazaar

If you are looking for a night market to go on, there is one in Amritsar. This bazaar is one of the most known market centers in Amritsar and has many different items for sale during the daytime. This will be a fun place to visit at night and have little shops lit up like candles around you.

11) Party at the Night

At night you will find many bars and pubs in Amritsar and they are a great place to go out and meet people while having a great time. There are many dance halls where you can see live music and enjoy an evening with friends.



There is a number of places to visit in Amritsar which offer you a wide range of things to do which can keep you busy for long hours.  we hope you like the article of Popular Things To Do in Amritsar. Hope you will enjoy your stay in Amritsar. and if you want to know about more places visit us at Traveltricky.com

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