Shimla best time to visit

Shimla Best Time To Visit – Know About Queen Of Hills

Shimla is undoubtedly the queen of all hill stations in India, and for good reason. Shimla offers countless attractions for visitors interested in exploration. You’ll find museums, temples, walking trails, and waterfalls all in a very small area. Shimla is located on the foothills of the Himalayas, so the weather can be unpredictable at times. During the monsoon season between June and September, heavy rain and landslides can cause many of the roads to become impassable. Thus, Shimla best time to visit is other than this!! 

Shimla Travel Guide 2022

Shimla is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is situated at an elevation of 2,709 meters (8,842 ft). The city has been named after the goddess Shyamala Devi.

Clocking 2,700 hours of sunshine annually, Shimla summers are warm and pleasant. The temperature varies between a maximum of 28°C and a minimum of 12°C. Summers are usually dry with low humidity. You can safely enjoy your holiday in these months. Winter is the coldest part of the year in Shimla with temperatures ranging from a maximum of 4°C to a minimum of -2°C. It can get uncomfortably chilly for some people, so wearing layers and a warm jacket is recommended. Shimla best time to visit is September to December. 

A famous monument in Shimla is ‘Jakhoo temple‘ which symbolizes the passion of love between Radha (Lord Krishna’s lover) and Krishna. It’s famous for its white marble domes and the vista it offers of the entire city below. It has been featured in many Bollywood movies, including “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” (2001). The present temple was built in 1835 CE to replace an older temple, built over 300 years earlier after a landslide destroyed the original temple during construction. Its marble features some of the oldest carvings in India, dating back as far as the 12th century AD. 

The nearby ‘Chand Baori’ (meaning the “Four Pillars”), was designed by the medieval ruler, Raja Bhoj of Kalka, and employed over 1,000 workers to construct it. The bridge has a series of 4 caves cut out of one solid rock face each and together they form a square pattern. It is estimated that it took 20 years to complete it, which is truly incredible for circa 1300 CE. Chand Baori was built as a tribute to Lord Shiva by King Bhoj and his queen Shakuntala Devi. The nearby ‘Rang Mahal’ (translation, “Garden Palace”), was built in 1733 by the Maratha Rana of Udaipur, Rao Jodhaji, who was a great admirer of Lord Krishna. The colorful frescoes and various sculptures inside the palace are a treasure trove of information regarding art and culture in the Mewar region during that time. 

The nearby ‘Kiratner Temple’, dedicated to Lord Shiva is set on a steep slope surrounded by shady forests. It is situated at a height of 1,232 meters above sea level above the city. It has been there for over 1,000 years and is a popular dating spot. Shimla best time to visit is September to December. 

The ‘Chandi Devi Temple’ is another interesting monument in the city. It’s famous for its tall spire, which defies the limits of imagination.

There are also some other examples of “Shikaras” that were built during the Mughal reign. These were used by the royal army to train their fighters during an attack on hill castles. The “Kiratner mausoleum”, located at a height of 1515 meters above sea level provides spectacular views of the entire town below and was built by Jodhaji Rao in 1703 CE.

Things to keep in mind while traveling to Shimla

Airport Pickups:

Shimla is served by a domestic airport (Simla airport) which is about 2 kilometers from the main bus stand in Shimla. Taxis are available from the airport, typically charge around ₹800-1000 (depending on traffic and your negotiation skills). We offer airport pick up and drop service for Shimla at ₹500 per person.

There are 3 ways to reach Shimla by plane, rail or road. 

Taxi service to the temples of Shivalik Hills including Jakhu Temple, Chandi Devi Temple, The Ram Bagh Palace, and The Christ Church is also offered. The rates are fixed, and the prices and terms of payment will be discussed at the time of booking.

The nearest airport to Shimla is Delhi. It takes around 1 hour to reach Shimla from Delhi by car. Airport pickup service can be arranged upon request, as well as a driver’s car rental for your entire stay in Shimla. (Please quote “Airport Pickup” in the add-to-boat inquiry box)

Things to do in Shimla

Badal Dham Temple, Badal Dham monastery, Rang Mahal, Chanderi Fort

The Chaurasi Temple is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It’s carved out of the mountainside and has several beautiful structures. This temple is located in an easily accessible area. It is a good place to visit and explore the local vegetarian food and cuisine of the region. Another attraction near Shimla is Badal Dham, which was built by King Bhoj in 1324 AD. The temple has been renovated many times since then and it now consists of several chapels and meditation centers. Unfortunately, it is not open to travelers. Other temples also lie nearby, including the Hinglaj Temple in Kullu. Shimla best time to visit is September to December. 

Malkan Garh Fort, Malkan Garh temple are the other temples that have great architecture. The other sites of interest include Jakhoo Hill, Ridge, Bank of river Satluj, and others. Shimla offers a spectacular vista, with the city spread out below you and the mountains looming high above you. It is also home to some of India’s oldest tea gardens. 

Shimla offers a variety of museums including The Indian Mountaineering Foundation Museum; Himalayan Mountaineering Institute Museum; Police Museum and Richard Mehta Art Gallery. There are many ancient temples scattered around the city, including the famous Jakhoo Temple.

White-water rafting- The local rivers in and around Shimla are great for white-water rafting. The best season is between July and September when snow melts and water levels are high. 

There are a lot of boating places in Shimla, which offers amazing views of snow-clad mountains along with the calmness of nature. Some of them include Snow View Boating Club Boating Zone and Forest Village (Tiki) Clubhouse Marina. 

Shopping options are also available in Shimla. The city is famous for its Tibetan and woolen clothes. The best place to have a walk around in the market is Mall Road. Shopping in Shimla has become cumbersome due to a huge increase in traffic problems. Tibetans, Gurkhas, and Kumaonis are the tribes found inhabiting the slopes of Shimla Hills. They are renowned for their woolen handicrafts and traditional wear.


Simply, the state of Himachal Pradesh is home to some of the best states to visit in India. The famous tourist destinations include Damodar Valley and Kullu valley which are two great places to visit in Shimla. The best season to visit this place is between July and October. The other season that is also good for a trip to Shimla is summer. Shimla has stunning buildings and churches which will leave you breathless. Apart from it, there are other places where you can visit like Kalka Top station while coming down the hillside or Chanderi fort at the end of hills. Shimla best time to visit is September to December. 


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