Places to visit in North Goa

5 Places to Visit in North Goa: We’ve Got You Covered

5 Places to Visit in North Goa: We’ve Got You Covered

North Goa is a state in the western coast of India, which is home to a vast array of tourist attractions. Whether you’re looking to explore ancient temples or sip a cocktail by the beach, you’re sure to find the right places to visit in North Goa. Here are 5 places in North Goa that you absolutely need to visit before you die!

Top 5 Places to Visit in North Goa

The Portuguese brought their culture with them. And, they did so well! The structures of North Goa – the mosques, churches, palaces, and forts – are still intact, and are fascinating for all tourists. Add to this, a range of delicious food, a never-ending flow of exciting activities, and superb hospitality, and you’ve got yourself the perfect holiday destination. Let’s start with beaches.
These gorgeous stretches of blue, shimmering waters stretch over multiple kilometers and offer a truly serene atmosphere. And, while you may find a large number of tourists in north goa beaches, that’s actually a good thing. You’ll be left alone to enjoy the company of your loved ones, with only waves lapping around your feet, seagulls wheeling above you, and sunbathing bats flying lazily in the evening.


5 places to visit in north goa

● Fort Aguada
● Baga Beach
● Reis Magos Fort
● Mangeshi Temple
● Sinquerim Beach

Adventure-seekers Paradise || North goa

North Goa is a haven for all those seeking adventure-filled getaways. The region is home to some of the best adventure spots in India. Trekking, camping, kayaking, rafting, snorkeling, surfing, scuba-diving,zip-lining, and paragliding are just some of the activities you can partake in. In order to experience this sublime land, why not plan a vacation to North Goa with your family?
You’ll be amazed to see how it transforms into a tourist’s delight. When to Visit North Goa: North Goa receives a little less than 700 mm of rainfall per year, so the place is mostly dry and sunny throughout the year. However, there are pockets of rain in the summer months when temperatures reach up to 33 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you can enjoy
these hot summers without any worries.

Goa’s Unique Cuisine || hotels in north goa

If you were expecting North Goa to serve up some run-of-the-mill chicken and pork delicacies, you have again been mistaken. The province is home to some of the best cuisines in Goa –the cuisine which was originally cooked at the fort in Old Goa and the cuisine which was used to feed the army for centuries before it was refined to perfection by local chefs. No wonder then that this region is considered as one of the richest in terms of the variety of dishes and spices used in them.
Goan Calamansi Juice Calamansi –the Goan favourite. The sharp citrus flavoured juice has been produced and consumed in north Goa since time immemorial. Some even claim that the first calamus was a Goan!
Also called ‘amrapali’ in Konkani, the juice is popularly served in small glasses or beevis.


How to Get Around || North goa daily travel

The best way to explore North Goa is by air or car. More specifically, thejeep safari is the way to go. Some of the best spots in North Goa beaches can be seen from the top of a vehicle – just imagine the awe-inspiring views! When to Go April – October are the best months to visit this region. The climate here is warm and breezy, and the only thing that differs from the rest of the year are the gentle rains.
October brings the monsoon season, but it is nothing like the floods and the fury the North Indians call it. In fact, the best time to visit is when the weather is nice and calm. Otherwise, you will feel the constant pressure of the heavy rains and it may affect your breathing. October is the perfect time to visit because the weather is amazing!



Whether you are a family, a group of friends, or an individual, head to the shores of North Goa to unwind and indulge in some memorable fun. So the next time you plan a holiday, take some time out of your schedule to explore this beautiful yet secret place. You will not regret it

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