best time to visit Kashmir

The Best Time To Visit Kashmir: A Guide To The Best Seasons

The Best Time To Visit Kashmir: A Guide To The Best Seasons

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in India. There are many things to see and do in this state, and it’s wonderful place to stay. But how do you know when to visit Kashmir? We’ve compiled a list of the best time to visit Kashmir, so you can plan your trip and make the most of your time.


The best time to visit Kashmir

March through October In a nutshell, April through August is the perfect season. There’s less snowfall in the hills, and less tourist movement makes it one of the best time to visit Kashmir in the state, leading to a much more tranquil vibe, with you getting to explore the world-class attractions in solitude. Kashmir is home to Mount Kumud, one of the eight sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites in India and one of the world’s three main Jain pilgrimage sites.There’s a hike that leads up to Kumud for visitors to witness the inner-sanctum of Lord Shiva in prayer. It’s also an excellent time to visit the other holy Hindu sites like Panchakuta and Garhwal, in addition to the beautiful Nurpur (Shambhu Dhara) in the Kinnaur district of Ladakh.


The best time to visit if you want to avoid crowds

The best time to visit Kashmir to avoid crowds is from November to April, or December to February. You will be able to get a good time slot for travel, and a good time to fly.


The best time to visit Kashmir tulip garden || Enjoy the flowers

If you’re looking for the best time to visit Kashmir and the best season to do so, here’s your guide to enjoying Kashmir from March through October. The best time of year to visit Kashmir is from March through October, when the flowers are in full bloom, the trees are just coming into full swing, and the mountains are basking in the sun’s warm glow. The gardens and tourist attractions are almost at their best. The best time to visit if you want to experience snow: Another fantastic experience in Kashmir is to share the snowfall in the valleys. You will be surprised at the mountain slopes of Kashmir, especially around the winter resorts, which are covered with ice. The hiking season in Kashmir begins in mid-October and goes on until April.


The best time to visit Kashmir || If you want to ski

The skiing season lasts from November until February. Then the snow melts, and you get to enjoy the beauty of the valley. You can drive to Kashmir’s most popular skiing and snowboarding destination, Gulmarg, the second largest ski resort in India. And if you are keen, you can try something else. Fly to Gulmarg and ski or snowboard down from a heli-ski. You need to know before you travel to Kashmir, So before you fly to Kashmir, you must first understand the travel regime. The summer months of May to September are considered the high season, and you can expect an uphill struggle to get a flight to Kashmir. According to recent reports, the peak time for tourists visiting Kashmir is between March to October, so this is what we recommend.


The best time to visit if you want to enjoy the mountains

It is in October when the nights start getting longer, and the temperatures start going down. This makes the mountains a paradise for those who love mountains. As far as the best time to go to the mountains is concerned, here is what the weatherman has to say. “September and October are the best months to visit Srinagar. The weather in Kashmir will be pleasant. The nights will be crisp and cool, and the days will be sunny. That is why you should visit Kashmir during the time of winter.” There are so many hiking trails to explore in Kashmir Kashmir is covered with some of the most picturesque mountain peaks, and trekking is the best way to enjoy them. This makes it a fantastic destination for all those who love adventure sports and wish to hike at the top of these peaks.



Kashmir is the most underrated holiday destination in India, especially for looking for something a bit off the beaten track. What is more, its diverse terrain, meandering roads, and blissful local culture add to its charm and mystery? To make the most out of your Kashmir holiday, be it a weekend getaway or a long and eventful vacation, try the best times to visit the beautiful State of Kashmir and make the most out of your trip. If you would like to plan your trip to Kashmir, book your tickets here.

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