Best Time To Visit Meghalaya

When Is The Best Time To Visit Meghalaya: A Definitive Guide 4 you

When Is The Best Time To Visit Meghalaya: A Definitive Guide 4 you

If you’re looking for some adventure, you’re in luck. The northeast state of Meghalaya is overflowing with natural attractions that are just waiting for your visit. The state has a diverse culture, varied topography, and is a haven for
nature lovers. Get to know it a little better by reading this brief guide to the best time to visit Meghalaya.
Meghalaya is a state in Northeast India. It’s known for its scenic beauty and biodiversity. The state is home to several ancient tribes, and its capital is Shillong. Throughout the year, Meghalaya is home to a number of festivals.
The most famous and popular is the Hornbill Festival, which takes place in December.

The Best Time to Visit Meghalaya

March to June: Prepare to get drenched and tanned in the monsoon. The rains will show up well after your trip to Meghalaya has started. The expected rains will make it easy to spend time on the beach while you book yourself a cozy hideaway under a roof. Avoid early mornings in the monsoons. Temperatures will be warm, and the winds will be gusty.
Leaving the city early in the morning or late at night is advisable. August to November: Just before the monsoon hits, Meghalaya is often blissfully relaxed and comfortable.
You will find the nights incredibly chill, and the heat was lingering for only a few hours in the morning. Plan your visits to the town centers in the afternoon, after the midday heat peaks. In late summer, the weather in Meghalaya turns exceptionally sunny.

when is the Best Time to Visit Meghalaya || Meghalaya best time to visit

The temperature of Meghalaya starts to dip in the winter, making it an excellent destination for traveling with kids. Besides, you can indulge in adventure activities such as rafting and hill-climbing during the fall. The best time to visit Meghalaya is during the monsoon in October. This is the best time to spot the fantastic plum blossom trees. The spring in Meghalaya is pleasantly warm as compared to other places in the north.
The spring season in Meghalaya is generally a little warmer than other areas in the north, resulting in excellent nightlife, whereas the winter is a bit more cold and snowy. Monsoon at The Incredible Waterfall in Shillong. The Best Time to Visit Meghalaya in Summer Summer is also an excellent time to visit Meghalaya.

What is the Weather Like in Meghalaya || Meghalaya tourism best time to visit

The year is divided into four seasons. When you visit Meghalaya during the spring, you may get lucky enough to witness some gorgeous weather. Autumn will usually be a bit rainy, with some light showers in the mornings and afternoons. However, it isn’t too cold, and it’s not too hot either. The temperatures in Meghalaya are pretty moderate, with a maximum of around 34 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 22 degrees Celsius. Be it the mild year-round climate, the scenic landscapes of Meghalaya, or the thrill of being surrounded by wolves on a trek, Meghalaya has so much to offer in travel adventures.

What to Expect in the Best Season to Visit Meghalaya || best time to visit assam and meghalaya

Chilly, pristine winters in Meghalaya are truly heavenly. The snow is an added treat that adds to the magic of this destination. They are excellently planned and organized by the local people, ensuring that the season is a delight for all. With this game, the season gets off to a thrilling start a dazzling display of pooja, prayers, and illumination at the V Shanthan Stupa in Meghalaya’s Garo Hills. Once the season is done, the cold sets in.And the magical country turns even more enchanting. Meghalaya is sure to make you fall in love for all its beauty and charm. Summer in Meghalaya is fun and tantalizing. Everything is in bloom, and the weather is beautiful. It is the season when the breezy season makes
way for the hot.

Conclusion || best time to visit Shillong Meghalaya

The following infographic might help you decide when to book your flight to the picturesque state. The abundance of low-density suburban areas and large population centers along the National Highway in and around the state adds to the richness of the traveling experience

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