Best Time To Visit Spiti valley

Best Time To Visit Spiti Valley

During summer, the valley is a great time to visit. Great views can be had all around, spiti valley is a great place to escape the heat of Delhi and Punjab, and it’s easy to find cheap flights. Around October, winter snow starts and people flock in to enjoy the fresh powder. There are also less crowds during these months and if you’re looking for some peace, this is your best bet. Spiti valley is a very religious place with several temples around and one of the most beautiful valleys in India. The food here is great and not too expensive. The scenery is also amazing as you can find some of the most beautiful landscapes around. Spiti has a very interesting cultural heritage with many interesting sites, however there are not too many things to do during winter.

The best time to visit spiti valley is from October to February, the temperature remains cooler during these months and snowfall starts usually at later part of October. This gives you the advantage of having the best snowfall, without spending a fortune on the hotels which are usually packed in peak season.

The tourists start arriving by March when the weather starts to get warmer, this increases the number of tourists. During this time, spiti valley has always got a very busy feel with many people and lodges, the roads are narrow and cluttered with all these people and their vehicles. Vagrant buses also come in increasing numbers at this time mostly during late evenings making it uncomfortable for everyone.

Top Places near Spiti valley

  1. Chandratal Lake:

Chandratal Lake is an alpine high altitude glacial lake situated at a height of 4800 m above sea level. This lake is situated at a distance of 15 km from Rohtang Pass and is accessible by trek only. Situated amidst a backdrop of snow capped peaks, this lake reflects the entire mountain range which makes the views here very beautiful and spectacular.

  1. Key Monastery

Key Monastery is located at an altitude of 4750m and is situated near the Key village. It was established in the 19th century by Lama and remains an important place of pilgrimage. This monastery also has a museum ,which has many relics of the ancient civilization. Amidst breath taking surrounding and mountain peaks, you can view a variety of flora & fauna around this place.

  1. Kunzum Pass

Kunzum pass at an altitude of 4,845 m was established in the year 1823 and is an important trade route between Kulu in Himachal Pradesh and Spiti Valley. This is one of the main passes that connects Rohtang with Spiti and it is also where the Kullu – Manali road winds up. The pass has a high altitude which means it gets very cold during winter, along with a great deal of snowfall.

  1. Pin Valley National Park

Pin Valley National Park is situated at an altitude of 3,000 meters and has the only lake in Spiti valley. This lake is a beautiful destination for nature lovers as it houses many endangered species of birds, animals as well as vegetation.

  1. Manikaran:

Manikaran is also known as Shyamkoo or Naini Lake formerly called the White Lake, it’s a small area with a calm and serene environment, surrounded by snow capped peaks with glaciers around it makes for beautiful scenic views.

Best Things To Do In Spiti Valley

Many more things to do can be done in Spiti Valley, however here are some of the major things are:

  • River Rafting: Call For Adventure
  • Pin Valley National Park: Admire The Flora & Fauna
  • Buddhist Monasteries: Pay A Visit
  • Camping: Experience The Lake Views
  • Trek To Dhan Kar Lake: Try The Thrill
  • Village Of Giu: Visit The Mummy
  • Baralacha Pass: Feel The Thrill
  • Stay At Zostel: Interact With People
  • Kaza’s Main Market: Shop Your Heart Out
  • Star Gazing: Enjoy The Captivating Sky
  • Fossil Hunting: Take Home Souvenirs.


Spiti Valley is a serene place, with beautiful landscapes and not too many people. If you plan on hiking, biking or just want to relax at the lake or in the monastery, this is your best bet. The weather is also very nice during this time and great snowfall can also be seen here. It’s a cheaper place to go compared to other popular places in Himachal Pradesh and Delhi while having the same great views of mountains and snow capped peaks.

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