Best Time To Visit in Delhi

Best time to visit in Delhi

What is the Best time to visit in Delhi ?

The best time to visit Delhi is during the winter months of October through March. since the weather will be more pleasant. In terms of average temperatures and rainfall, it is most likely that the high season for tourism in Delhi is from October through March.

General Temperature of Delhi

In general, temperatures in Delhi do not drop below 10 degrees Celsius at night in winter and much above 45 degrees Celsius in summer.

Delhi’s weather affected by three major seasons: summer, monsoon, and winter.

Summer Season

The summer season lasts from April to June and characterized by high temperatures (28–45 °C or 82–113 °F).

Monsoon Season

The Monsoon season lasts from July to September and is marked by heavy rainfall (occurring as high as 50 cm or 20 in in some parts). During monsoon, rain comes in two forms: light showers, which may occur sporadically throughout the day, and heavy showers lasting from 15 minutes to an hour or longer.
The city receives an average of 300mm of rainfall every year. However, in the last few years, the city has received substantially more rainfall than usual.

Winter Season

The winter season lasts from October to March and is the driest time of the year (when it can rain as little as 50 mm or 2 in).


Although the climate conditions are not in a very extreme range throughout the year, except for the monsoon season from July to September, it is necessary to be prepared for any season. In the summer season, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing with a T-shirt and pants. During the monsoon (July to September) it is advised to wear a rain jacket in the evening, as well as warm clothing.

Conclusion – Best time to visit in Delhi

if you want to relax in delhi with your loved ones then October to March is good for you.  we hope you will enjoy your stay in Delhi. and if you want to know about more places visit us at

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