Best Time To Visit Meghalaya

Best Time To Visit Meghalaya , Assam

This blog post will highlight the best places and attractions that every traveler should have on their list when visiting Meghalaya. Meghalaya is a state in northeast India with several tourist spots like the Shillong Plateau, Lake Pooki, the Mawkyrwat Reserve Forest, and more. To help you decide where you want to visit, the author has compiled this list of places that are sure to make your trip memorable. The best time to visit Meghalaya is from April to June! 

Whether you’re looking for an interesting place for your next vacation or simply curious about what Meghalaya has to offer, this guide will give you a solid start on planning your trip. 

Best Tourist Guide to Meghalaya:

  • Shillong:

The capital and largest city of this state, Shillong is known for its pleasant weather, which is one reason why it’s such a popular tourist destination. Located at the center of this plateau-like formation in Northeast India, the hills and valleys will welcome you with stunning views that are sure to please your eyes. It only gets better when you add the sounds of nature into the mix. Shillong has been nicknamed ‘Scotland of the East’ due to its wintry climate and stunning countryside. If you love rainfall, then the best time to visit Meghalaya is from July to September!! 

  • Pareswar Rock:

A short drive from Shillong is the enormous Pareswar Rock, which serves as a memorial to the fallen soldiers during World War II. The rock towers over this lush green landscape and is worth a visit for any history buff.

  • Umiam Lake:

Not too far from Shillong, you can find this beautiful lake, which has been attracting tourists for many years now due to its striking turquoise color and inviting water sports activities. Travelers who enjoy fishing and boating should pay Umiam Lake a visit on their trip to the state of Meghalaya. 

  • Shillong Peak:

The highest point in Meghalaya, the Shillong Peak is a sight to see for any nature lover. The towering rocks and stunning views make it a must-visit attraction for anyone who’s considering a trip to this area. 

  • Meghalaya Adventure Sports:

One of the most popular sports in this state is adventure sports, which takes travelers through invigorating activities like river rafting, kayaking, paragliding, rock climbing, and more. For those who enjoy physical activity and seeing new sights while they travel, you can’t go wrong with these activities that are sure to leave you feeling refreshed after every outing. For this, the best time to visit Meghalaya is from October to November!! 

  • Shillong Wildlife Park:

A favorite of tourists, the Shillong Wildlife Park is best known for housing several exotic animals like monkeys, crocodiles, and water snakes, as well other native species like leopards and panchitas. Moreover, this park also has a restaurant for tourists that features the finest cuisines from around the world.

The variety of offerings makes this place a go-to spot for foodies who want to sample some truly exceptional cuisines. 

  • North East Sophisticated:

An upscale restaurant in Shillong that’s famous for its award-winning gourmet meals is North East Sophisticated. The variety of cuisines that this restaurant offers makes it a popular choice for travelers, but the best part is that all the dishes are presented creatively. Hence, you’ll have no problem trying new things and will end up trying them all!

More than just food and drinks, guests at North East Sophisticated enjoy the game-like atmosphere that’s created by the tables and chairs. This place is worth checking out if you want to feel like you’re having a private dining experience. 

  • Bara Bazar:

At the center of Shillong stands Bara Bazar, a marketplace that offers you a variety of souvenirs, arts, handicrafts, and handcrafted items from around the state. Tourists looking for something to remember their trip by can get a wide selection of keepsakes from this market.

  • The State Museum:

A great place to learn more about the history and culture of Meghalaya is The State Museum. Here you can find ancient artifacts, traditional clothing, and interesting objects like masks that will give you insight into the various groups who live in this region of India. The best time to visit Meghalaya is from April to June!! 

  • Government House Museum:

An interesting museum about the history of Meghalaya is The Government House Museum. Thankfully, this museum is located in Shillong itself, which means that you can walk around and explore fascinating exhibitions on your trip to the state. Visitors will enjoy learning more about the social developments in this area and will also be able to see some of the many artifacts on display at this place. 

  • Shillong Peak:

The most important thing that every backpacker should know about this place is that there is a bar that offers a stunning view of the landscape from its rooftop. Not only will you get to watch the sunset here, but you can also enjoy the various cuisines on offer and relax at one of the many cabanas. 

  • Mawkyrwat Reserve Forest:

Located in Upper Shillong, the Mawkyrwat Reserve Forest is an important spot for bird-watching enthusiasts. There’s no shortage of wildlife here, which means that this forest can be enjoyed by those who are interested in viewing more than just birds. Once you visit this forest, you can then view all the sights in this area from the excellent vantage point of Shillong Peak

  • Lilypond:

Located on top of a hill, this lake is surrounded by beautiful scenery that will leave every tourist mesmerized. The clear waters and different shades of green surrounding it will make your visit to Lily Pond one to remember. 

  • Elephant Falls:

Found in Umgreb, Elephant Falls is a popular spot for travelers looking to cool off during their trip to the state of Meghalaya. 


Meghalaya is the best place to visit in India. Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see in your life. It has a lot of attractions and things to do. Meghalaya tourism is growing day by day, most people don’t know about this place and it’s just 88 km away from Guwahati city of Assam. The weather is also good and you can enjoy a party night out with your friends or family at local clubs or pubs with all the latest drinks, music, food and much more. While you plan your trip to this beautiful place. Keep in mind the best time to visit Meghalaya

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