best places to visit in ludhiyana

Best Places To Visit In Ludhiana

Ludhiana is a bustling city in the northwestern Indian state of Punjab. ludhiana is a place where everyone will find something for them It is a highly industrialised city with an agricultural base. The city’s economy is primarily dominated by heavy industries such as manufacturing, engineering and mining. This article will cover some of the Best Places To Visit In Ludhiana.


The Gurdwara Nanaksar is a Sikh place of worship built in 1899 and located near the banks of River Sutlej in Ludhiana, Punjab. It was built by Mian Singh Bedi, the eldest son of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji. The name ‘Nanaksar’ means “Place of Saint Nanak” this is one of the Best Places To Visit In Ludhiana.


  • Punjab Agricultural University (PAU)

    Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) is one of the premier agricultural universities in India. It has a sprawling campus of almost 1,000 acres and produces over 10,000 graduates every year. The university is a hub for most research related to agriculture in India and conducts multiple studies over various crops and their uses. The campus also hosts a plethora of cultural and developmental programs.


  • Lodhi Fort

Lodhi Fort is a beautiful place where you can give your family and friends a perfect picnic spot.  This fort has been here since 5th century AD. It was said that this fort was built by Mahabali Kachhwaha, Lodhi. This fort is very close to the nature, and it is a wonderful place to see tanks or lakes. You can also see a small waterfall near the fort. The best season to visit this spot is during winters. and this is one of the Best Places To Visit In Ludhiana .



    Ludhiana has a number of interesting roads and areas that you can roam around. One of them is GT Road (Gothra Tilla) – a street that cuts through the city and is well-known for its many shops and eateries. GT Road is also known as the “Market Street” of Ludhiana, due to the many stores and markets found along it.


  • Hari Niwas Palace

Hari Niwas Palace is  Located on the outskirts of Ludhiana, Hari Niwas Palace is a former residence of Maharaja Hari Singh Nalwa, the founder of Ludhiana. It is now a heritage hotel, and hosts a number of functions year round. The main floor features an open gallery where one can view the interiors and gardens of the palace. When visiting this palace, it is advised to wear comfortable clothes with open shoes. Photography is also allowed in the main hall and the gallery area.


  • Arya Samaj Temple

    The Arya Samaj Temple is a famous place to visit in Ludhiana. It was built in the early 1900s, during Maharaja Hari Singh Nalwa’s rule, and is an example of the architecture of that period. The temple is built in accordance with Vedic scriptures, and consists of an assembly hall. The structure also houses a library which contains copies of revered manuscripts including Upanishads and Bhagwad Geeta.


  • Ludhiana Central University

Ludhiana Central University (LCU) is one of the premier universities in Ludhiana. It boasts a number of unique departments, including the department of performing arts which provides courses in music, dance, drama and fine arts. The university has a special emphasis on producing research findings which can be used for the progress of the state and nation. The campus has multiple old buildings, including college and hostels built in colonial times.


  • Nanak Niwas Palace

Nanak Niwas Palace is a beautiful European-style palace at the edge of Ludhiana. The massive building features an impressive lawn with a unique garden surrounding it. The gardens are full of beautiful sculpted trees and topiaries, and is a great place to see while enjoying a stroll around the city and this one of the Best Places To Visit In Ludhiana.


  • Samrai Hall

    Samrai Hall is another beautiful palace located in the heart of Ludhiana. The stately structure is currently being used as a hotel, and is a great place to check out if you are looking for a comfortable stay with some interesting history. The hall was built in the late 1800s, and is recognized as one of the most beautiful buildings in Ludhiana.


  • Nehru Rose Garden

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Ludhiana is the Nehru Rose Garden. The park houses over 2000 different varieties of roses while it also contains a huge water fountain in the centre. At the time of inauguration by Beant Singh, there were only 32 varieties but now there are even more than that as new varieties have been added to them every now and then. The garden is open to visitors between 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.


  • Kalpana Jyoti Garden

The Kalpana Jyoti Garden (“Daughter of Kalpana”) is located on the ground floor at Nehru Rose Garden. It was built and opened in October 2012 by the chief minister Parkash Singh Badal.


  • Clock Tower Ghanta Ghar

Ludhiana’s Clock Tower is one of the best and famous clock towers in India. The tower is constructed with red bricks and has a small entrance from all the four is a symbol of the city there can be reached easily from anywhere in town as it is located at heart of city.


  • Pavilion Mall Ludhiana

The mall has a lot of stores from clothes to food. Some of the well known brands are Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok and Lee Cooper. The mall also has some nice restaurants that serve some really tasty Indian food that people can have a meal in.  the mall is very near to the airport. Even if you are going to the airport this mall is in easy distance. It’s a nice mall with lots of things to see and do. It has a beautiful food court which serves awesome food and many places to hang out with your friends.


  • Guru Nanak Stadium Ludhiana

Guru Nanak Stadium is one of the largest cricket stadiums in North India. Guru Nanak Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Ludhiana,  It is used mostly for cricket matches. The stadium has hosted two One Day Internationals and two Twenty20 Internationals matches so far. It seats 11,000 people and has hosted a few test matches. The stadium is home to the Ludhiana Cricket Club which was established in 1894 and hosts many popular domestic matches.


  • Phillaur Fort

Phillaur Fort is one of the oldest forts in the Punjab region, bounded by deep ravines on one side and a large lake on the other. The fort is located between two mountain torrents: Phullan and Mian. this is one of Best Places To Visit In Ludhiana.


  • conclusion

In conclusion, if you come to Ludhiana I think you will have a great time here. There are many Best Places To Visit In Ludhiana and I personally think that we should all respect this place as it has a very important history and holds some of the best places to visit in Punjab.

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