Best places to visit in Ranchi

Best places to visit in ranchi

Ranchi is the capital city of Jharkhand state in eastern India. It is one of the most important tourism places in Jharkhand and its surrounding cities are famous for their religious saintly centers. This post will take you through some of the best places to visit in Ranchi that you should visit during your stay here. Ranchi has several religious places and temples for tourists to explore. Here are some suggestions for a day’s trip to gain more insight into its rich cultural heritage during your visit to Ranchi:

  •  Sun Temple

    This temple was recently renovated and it has become a favorite destination for tourists. It is said to be situated at the exact location where the sun would descend on the earth each day. The Sun temple is dedicated to the Sun God and hence it houses a Sun God idol. It was built by King Jitamitra in year 780 AD. It is located in Kala Pahar, and this is the best places to visit in ranchi


  • Birsa Munda Park

       This park was named after Birsa Munda, a great freedom fighter of Chota Nagpur plateau during British  Raj.Birsa Munda Park is situated at Kankarba, a suburb of Ranchi. It has subtropical gardens and it is a nice picnic spot.

  • Dalbadia Lake

         This lake is one of the infrastructural development projects of Ranchi and it is an important source for  irrigation for the surrounding regions. It is one of the most important tourist attraction points in Ranchi. The lake is surrounded by hills and has a great religious significance for the people living nearby.

  • Ranchi University Museum

         Ranchi University Museum houses an array of rare artifacts, sculptures, ancient manuscripts and other  objects of interest which reflects the rich cultural heritage of Jharkhand region. It is located in University  campus, Ranchi. Its collection includes ancient manuscripts, records and documents providing details about the historical development, culture and philosophy of local tribes.

  • Kalika Mandir

         This temple is an important pilgrimage center for the Hindus and it is situated at Rajrappa, about 10 km  from Ranchi. The temple of Goddess Kali is a beautiful structure and attracts a large number of devotees every year. It is believed that this temple was originally built by the Tomar King. Kalika Mandir adds more charm to Ranchi tourism places in Jharkhand state.

  •  Rajbati Zoo

         Rajbati Zoo is a great place to visit during your visit to Ranchi. It was established with the sole objective of  conservation and it is managed by the State Capital Development Board. There are animal species from many parts of the world such as elephants, giraffes, lions, and tigers. The zoo also has a botanical garden where medicinal plants and fruits are grown for research purpose.

  •   Shikha Dhar Mahal

          This palace was built by Birsa Munda. It is also known as “The Palace of Women”. This is a place which  offers a great view of the historical city of Ranchi. It is worth visiting for its architecture and its rich history.

  •    Lalmati Bazaar

           This market is an old quarter where you will find numerous small shops with local products such as  cloth,  spices, kitchen ware and books in bazaars identified as Lalmati Bazaar. It is located in the heart of  Ranchi.

  •  Universe Camera Museum

          This museum has been established in 2003 by Dr. Sushil Kumar and it is located at the famous Mall Road  of Ranchi city. It houses a huge collection of rare and important camera artifacts from cameras to instant cameras. These cameras have an interesting history and they belong to different periods in the past 100 years. It is believed that one can learn a lot about photography by looking at these artifacts.

  •  St.Paul’s Cathedral

         This church is known as the Mother Church of Jharkhand and it was established in year 1846. It was built  by English Catholics and it was named after “St. Paul”. The cathedral is situated at J.L.Harmon Marg, adjacent to the Fort Road, in Ranchi city and it is a place which has beautiful architecture with an impressive view of the city skyline.

  •  Buddha Park

          This park was designed and developed by the famous saint of Chota Nagpur plateau Anandamayi Ma. It is  located in Kankarba near Ranchi. This park hosts a series of statues of different forms of Lord Buddha. These statues were made by a Japanese Buddhist sculptor Nyogen Senzaki. It is a good place to visit with your family during your visit to Ranchi.

  •  Hazaribagh Railway Museum

       This museum was constructed by the Rajasthan state administration and it houses an excellent collection of artifacts which reflects the rich cultural heritage of Jharkhand. It is situated at Hazaribagh city, a major city in Jharkhand state. This museum is a great place to visit with your family during holidays.

These were some of the best places to visit in Ranchi. Hope you like this article and share them with your loved ones.

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