Famous Places Of Jodhpur

Famous Places Of Jodhpur

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The ancient city of Jodhpur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Jodhpur is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan in India. It is also commonly known as “Blue City” in the country. The colorful streets, amazing architecture and beautiful scenery make it a place you’ll want to visit again and again.

Here Are Some Famous Places Of Jodhpur.

1)Umaid Bhawan Palace

Umaid Bhawan Palace Famous Place Of Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan palace is one of India’s most famous and largest buildings. Umaid Bhawan palace , built in 18th century by Maharaja Umaid Singh, is one of the most well-known places of Jodhpur .It is a museum now, but it was once the Jodhpur’s Royal palace. The Umaid Bhawan Palace is located in the heart of Jodhpur city and can be reached easily. The palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens of water fountains and colorful flowers.

2)Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort Famous Place Of Jodhpur


Mehrangarh Fort is a massive fort in the city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. The fort is situated on the banks of the Mehrangarh Lake and overlooks one of the main approach roads to Jodhpur. This fort is actually two forts which have been connected with each other through a narrow passage that functions as an underground tunnel.

3)Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada Famous Place Of Jodhpur

There are many interesting things about the Jaswant Thada jodhpur. It’s a monument to Maharaja Jaswant Singh II of Marwar (ruled 1878-1943) and can be found in Jodhpur. It’s made of white marble, with a dome and four corner towers. It is a simple but beautiful structure with four minarets and one dome that covers the entire building’s surface. On all four sides of the base of Jaswant Thada are four tall minarets, each with a different design.

4)Mandore Gardens

Mandore Gardens Famous Place Of Jodhpur

Mandore Gardens is one of the famous places of Jodhpur, India. It’s known for its many statues and fountains. It is located near the Mandore Village and Mandore Fort in Jodhpur. The gardens are full of peacocks, canals, waterfalls and lush green flora. Here, you can find some peace and quiet, surrounded by nature. The beautifully designed Mandore Gardens jodhpur is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. With its picturesque gardens, proximity to the city, and old world charm it is quite easy to see why this place has been so popular with visitors.

5)Balsamand Lake

Balsamand Lake Famous Place Of Jodhpur

The most beautiful and exotic place in India, Balsamand Lake is located near Jodhpur. The lake is a man-made construct, built in 1159 AD by Balak Rao Parihar to provide water to the city of Mandore The air in this beautiful place is fresh and cool, making it the perfect getaway for those looking for peace. This article will provide you with some tips on where to stay, when to visit and the best way to enjoy Balsamand Lake’s beauty from your lovely room at one of the many hotels.

6)Phool Mahal

Phool Mahal Famous Place Of Jodhpur


Phool Mahal Jodhpur is a must see tourist attraction in the city of jodhpur. This palace is located near the famous Mehrangarh Fort and is one of the main attractions in Jodhpur. It is famous for its splendid architecture and beautiful gardens that have an impressive collection of plants and trees. There are also some beautiful portraits and paintings, especially the raga mala series, and furniture from the British period to enhance the glory of the room. Phool mahal has a blend of Mughal and Persian architectural styles with local Rajasthani influences.

7)Chamunda Mata Temple

Chamunda Mata Temple

The Chamunda Mata Temple is one of the most ornate and colorful temples in Jodhpur. Chamunda Mataji Temple is located at the southern end of the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. Dedicated to the goddess Chamunda, it is situated at the top of a 400-meter hill, on which it dominates with its beautiful decorations. It is one of the largest temples in Jodhpur and has been described as “the most splendid”, “the greatest showplace of medieval Hindu civilization” and a temple containing “exquisite carvings and architecture”.

8)Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park


Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park jodhpur is a beautiful, natural place to visit in the heart of amazing Rajasthan. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park was created in 2006 to try and restore the natural ecology of a large, rocky wasteland next to Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. The park is full of both important historical landmarks and stunning natural beauty. Many people come to Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park jodhpur to visit the beautiful Jodhpur Fort. The best time to visit Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park jodhpur is during the months of October through January.

9)Clock Tower

Clock Tower

The clock tower in Jodhpur is one of the most important landmarks in the history of the city. It was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh between 1880 and 1911. It is also known as Ghanta Ghar. The tower has four clocks on four sides facing all directions. The vibrant Sardar Market is close to the tower. The area slowly became one of the most bustling areas of the city. Several shops came up and a marketplace, the Sardar Market, was set up.

10)Kaylana Lake

Kaylana Lake

Kaylana Lake is one of the attractions in Jodhpur. It is a popular picnic spot and tourist attraction in Jodhpur. The lake water is also used for drinking purposes by the people residing nearby. The beauty on display at this destination is unique and stunning. The area surrounding Kaylana Lake also has a lot to offer for those who are more interested in culture rather than photography.

11)Bishnoi Village

Bishnoi Village

The Bishnoi Village of Jodhpur is a very old community that is home to some of India’s most sacred religious sites. If you want to get an experience of the tribal India, Bishnoi Village safari is the attraction around jodhpur best for you. Bishnoi village of Jodhpur, Rajasthan is scenic beauty marked with Khejri trees and deer. Also in the village is the Guda Bishnoi Lake. The villagers are staunch worshippers of nature in all its forms, specially the sanctity of plant and animal life.

12)Sardar Government Museum 

Sardar Government Museum

Sardar Government Museum is a good place to visit in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The Sardar Government Museum is one of the largest museums in India, dedicated to history, heritage and culture. Government Museum of Jodhpur, Rajasthan is situated on the High Court Road. It stands in the middle of the Umaid public gardens.


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