Best places to visit July in India

Best places to visit July in India

India can be explored throughout the year, with a variety of climates and festivals to enjoy. But if you want your travels to be as smooth as possible, July is definitely the best time to visit this vast country.

Here are five reasons why July is a fantastic time for an Indian vacation:

1) The monsoon season is over. India’s annual monsoon gives way to dry weather and cool temperatures around July – perfect for exploring!

2) You can explore Rajasthan’s festival of colors, Holi. This Hindu festival is celebrated throughout India, but it is particularly colorful in Rajasthan.

3) You can enjoy a summer vacation in the south as winter approaches in the north. With temperatures around 28-30 degrees Celsius, July is a great time to take a Southern India tour while the north stays cool and dry.

4) You can take a ferry to see India’s 7th and only natural barrier reef, the Andamans. While diving is not allowed here, snorkeling and island hopping are excellent ways to explore.

5) There are fewer tourists than normal in July. Large groups of tourists are unlikely and you may have some sites to yourself.

10 Best Places to Visit in India in July Month

  1. Kerala, India

The smallest state in India is also the most peaceful. The tropical climate, rainforests and backwaters make Kerala a popular state for tourists. Frequent rains during the monsoon season from June to September are just one of the many reasons to visit in July. The capital city of Kerala is Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram.

  1. Goa, India

Many pictures of Goa show foreign tourists in fancy-dress. But, a visit to this popular beach destination of India is usually not that commercial. Women in sari and men in dhoti share the soft beaches with bikini-clad sunbathers.

  1. Coorg, India

Typified by lush green hills with coffee plantations, Coorg is a popular destination from Bangalore. You can visit the sleepy hill stations and experience nature at its best.

  1. Shimla, India

The capital of British India and summer capital of India, Shimla is a small place with large number of tourists during July. Its proximity to the Himalayas makes it an ideal place for adventure seekers. Besides adventure, it offers lots of opportunities for shopping through local handicraft and handmade items.

  1. Kodaikanal, India

Kodaikanal is a famous hill station in India, known for its scenic views and botanical gardens. With a great deal of greenery surrounding the town, Kodaikanal offers visitors the perfect climate for hiking, picnicking and camping.

  1. Ladakh, India

Ladakh is one of the most spiritual places in India. It is located in the border of India and China, with the highest mountain pass at over 16,000 feet.

  1. Rishikesh, India

The Hindu holy town of Rishikesh offers a retreat for sadhus and tourists alike. There are so many listings on websites that it is difficult to decide which ones to go for, but here are a few reasons why you should consider visiting this place during July.

  1. Mount Abu, India

Mount Abu is a hill station located in the Aravalli Range hills in Rajasthan. It has a rich colonial past and it lies in the vicinity of three states: Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. With a charming colonial charm and palaces, hotels and restaurants that offers traditional Indian food, you’ll always find a place to relax.

  1. Pune, India

Pune has the third highest number of foreign tourists in India, second only to Mumbai. It is a cosmopolitan city with lots of eclectic culture and shops. It is also a safe city and it is not much different during July than other times of the year.

  1. Nainital, India

The perfect resort town, Nainital is located in the foothills of the Himalayas and is a popular tourist destination. The city has a quaint and attractive charm with lots of greenery and enough space to let you relax.

Final Words

If you are planning a trip to India, it would be wise to explore the best places in July. This is a great time of year to be in India and you can do everything on your list by visiting these places in July. You can also plan your trip according to your budget, as the price of travel in India is generally cheaper in July.

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