Best time to visit Shimla

Best time to visit Shimla

We are writing this article to make your decision easier. Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, and is literally a place where many take their vacations. Shimla is located at an altitude of 2,050 meters and the weather here is more or less similar to Delhi’s but with some variations in temperature. In summer, the average maximum temperature lies between 26-30°C while in winter it falls below 9°C. However, at night it can drop to 4°C.

The best time to visit Shimla is between the months of October and March. This time is the least crowded and you will be able to enjoy your stay there without any hassle. Also, this is the time when you can make good contacts with local people.

Peak Season: May to Mid-July/ December-January

Where to Visit in Shimla & When?

Shimla is the place to visit. It is a beautiful place, with a very interesting history and culture. The warm climate makes you feel very pleasant here. Also, there are many places to visit in Shimla, like Mount Kailash, Kufri Fort, Chota Shimla etc. Chota Shimla is the famous picnic spot in which you can visit during the winter season after catching views of snow piled up on the peaks. You will surely feel thrilled by going there during this season.

Shimla in summers: From March till June

During the summers, you should avoid going to Shimla. The weather is too hot. The average temperature in summer is above 29°C and it gets more hot as you go higher up in hills. If you want to visit this place during summer season, be ready to sweat a lot. However, the warm climate keeps you active throughout your stay there. The tourist attractions in this region remain open right through this season.

Shimla in winters: From Mid-November till Mid-January

The temperatures here start dropping after the onset of winter. The average temperature during winter is around 10°C. You will get good view of snow piled up on the mountains while on a horse ride. The weather is also very pleasant and comfortable, but gets very cold at night. In this season, you can walk around without any socks or shoes due to the absence of snowfall.

Though the city has a wide variety of things to offer, but it’s best to visit the city during the months of October-March. This is the best time to avoid crowds as well. There will be very less crowd during this time period. It’s not possible to do trekking and biking during this time period because of heavy snowfall in these months.

How to Reach Shimla

Shimla is located at a distance of around 300 kilometers from Chandigarh and 400 kilometers from New Delhi. The nearest airport is located at 14 km away from Shimla and connects it with the cities of Delhi and Chandigarh.

The city also has one of the oldest rail connectivity to Delhi, Chandigarh, Kalka, Manali, Shimla etc. From Delhi, you can reach Shimla in around 4 hours via train.

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Historical Places in Shimla:

The city of Shimla is very much known for its beautiful historical structures and monuments. There are many places here to visit such as the Victoria Jubilee Museum, Himachal Pradesh State Museum, Kufri and Golf Club. If you want to visit the Chail Palace then this place is very close to Shimla and will take only 15 minutes by car. The city has a lot of places where you can go to shop, but if you want to buy something old then it’s better to visit the Hardwar market.

Cultural Places in Shimla:

The city of Shimla is famous for its Hindu temples and tourist attractions. Here, you can see some of the best temples like Jakhu temple, Kali Bari temple, Solang Valley, Tea Museum etc. If you want to enjoy a cup of tea then you should definitely visit the tea museum. This place is very close to Jakhu temple and it is one of the tourist attractions in Shimla where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea.

Final Thoughts

Shimla is a beautiful city which is very interesting. Even though it’s cold during night but the climate will make you feel comfortable while sitting down on your hotel room’s terrace. If you want to visit Shimla then this season is the best time to visit Shimla. It will be very less crowded in this time, so you can enjoy your stay there without any hassle. It’s not possible to do trekking and mountain biking at this time period due to heavy snowfall in these months.


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