best time to visit Andaman

Best Time To Visit Andaman Island

The Andaman Islands are India’s most isolated and least-developed archipelago. The lush, tropical islands of the Andaman are situated in the Bay of Bengal and are inhabited by a diverse range of creatures including mangrove crocodiles and tropical birds. The best time to visit Andaman is between October and May!! 

This post is a travel guide for Andaman Island that includes information on flights to Port Blair, getting around in Port Blair, safety tips while traveling in the island, visa requirements for Indian nationals wanting to visit this country, as well as an overview of some attractions on this beautiful island surrounded by dense forests and crystal clear waters. 

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands have a total landmass of 20,430 square kilometers and are located in the Bay of Bengal, 640 km away from the mainland of India. The archipelago consists of 82 islets, most of which are uninhabited. The population numbers between 10 to 15 thousand people, who live by fishing and agriculture. 

The Andaman Islands have their own unique culture with a mix of tribal and Indian influences. Unlike most Indian tribes, the Andaman Indians wear clothes that resemble the white men’s clothing along with simple hairstyles such as curls or pony-tails. There are markets where vendors sell fruits and vegetables from their boats as well as indigenous handicrafts. The natives also practice a form of body adornment called tattooing, whereby an individual will have their whole or some part of their body covered in painful designs.

The Andaman Islands are well connected with the mainland of India through road and air. There are three airports on the archipelago: Port Blair, Ross Island, and Diglipur. The most well-known port on the Andamans is Port Blair which is situated on the southern tip of North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal. The capital city is Port Blair, which has been declared as an international tourism destination that has a relaxed atmosphere and attracts travelers from around the world. The other major port on the Andamans is Ross Island, which is located on South Andaman Island and is the only one that’s accessible by direct flight. The last airport in the Andamans is Diglipur, which has flights to almost all of the islands except North Sentinel Island. 

Things to do in the Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are perfect for nature lovers who want to enjoy the breathtaking scenery with the quiet and relaxing way of life. The main attraction on this island is the scenery that is surrounded by green forests and blue waters. There are many islands in the Andamans, most of which are uninhabited, except for Port Blair Island, which is home to a handful of people. The majority of inhabitants in these islands live in relatively small communities on islands close to Port Blair. The best time to visit Andaman is considered to be between October and May!! 

The other inhabited islands include North Sentinel Island, South Andaman Island, Middle Andaman Island, and East Andaman Island; all these islands can be reached via ferry or plane from Port Blair. One of the must-visit attractions in the Andaman Islands is Ross Island, which is located on South Andaman Island. This uninhabited island was once a penal settlement, where the British placed all their prisoners who were sent to Port Blair during the early part of the 19th century. Over time, this island has been reclaimed by dense forests and mangrove swamps. Another famous attraction here is Cellular Jail, which is a prison dating back to 1896 that was built on a small hill and has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987. 

The island also has ruins from colonial rule and native settlements from around 1857 to the 1920s. The attractions around Port Blair are plentiful for nature lovers who want to experience a taste of the island’s culture and history. The capital city is situated on the southern tip of North Sentinel Island. Here you can visit the famous Cellular Jail, which is a prison built on a small hill and has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987. The beautiful beaches in this city are the perfect place for people who want to spend their time relaxing in the sun while smelling the fresh sea air. The other highlights in Port Blair include Tidal Spring, which is formed by black sandbanks, Beautiful Beach which was created as an artificial beach by humans, as well as Fort William, with its interesting architecture that includes defensive walls and cannons. Getting around in the Andaman Islands

The main attractions on the Andaman Islands are found in Port Blair, so you will have to stay at least 2 to 3 days if you want to cover all the famous spots on the island. The best way to see all these places is by hiring a car. There are many car rental agencies available near the airport and port. If you don’t want to rent a car, there are many taxis available in Port Blair, but be prepared for higher prices than you would normally experience. 

North Sentinel Island is one of the two islands that are strictly off-limits, so you should avoid visiting this uninhabited island even though it is possible to visit it from Port Blair. The other island that is uninhabited and should not be visited is South Andaman Island. The best way to explore the island is by hiring a boat if you want to visit the beautiful beaches on this island. In Port Blair, you can rent boats and motorboats to cruise around these islands. If you are planning a longer vacation in the Andamans, then it is recommended that you rent an auto-rickshaw and travel the length of the entire archipelago while seeing the many places of interest like Cellular Jail and Ross Island where you can spot a few cute cats playing with something that resembles a football. The best time to visit Andaman is between October and May!!

If you are a nature lover, then the Andaman Islands are just perfect for you. The islands have many beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sun and sea while taking in the natural surroundings. The best time to visit these islands is between November and March because that’s when the weather is perfect with clear blue skies and warm temperatures. There are many boats available in Port Blair; they take you on a ride around the beautiful beaches of these islands while giving you some insights into local culture. You might want to start your tour with a tour of Clarke Island, which offers unique views of Port Blair that include fishing villages, black sand huts, and long stretches of white sandy beach.

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