Best places to visit in Uttarakhand in 2022

Best places to visit in Uttarakhand in 2022

If there’s one place to visit in India for 2022, it should be Uttarakhand. The state has been a primary tourist hot spot since the 1990s and the richness of its natural beauty is undeniable. The Himalayan crown and the snow-capped peaks that span over 50 ranges are home to some of the most beautiful spots in all of India. Getting to Uttarakhand is no easier than getting to any other state. 

Take a look at the best places to visit in Uttarakhand in 2022 :

  1. Haridwar

Haridwar is one of the oldest towns in India and a city that has been around since the 1st Century. It’s also known as Ayodhya, the town where Lord Rama performed his 1000 year long penance in exile. The city has grown immensely over the years and is home to temples and monasteries of great importance, making it an important place to visit in India.

  1. Lansdowne – Picnic Destination

The picnic spot of Lansdowne is a place that is ideal for a day out with your family. The beautiful scenery and the greenery make it the perfect spot for an afternoon nap in the sun. Tourists, especially from Delhi, love visiting this place to get away from the hectic city life and just relax in peace.

  1. Mussoorie

Mussoorie or Mussorie is one of the most famous hill stations in Uttarakhand. The town is a popular tourist destination in the summers because of its scenic beauty and its proximity to the Himalayas. The town was built by the British in early 1800s and it is dotted with several colonial-style buildings.

  1. Almora and Nainital

Almora is regarded as one of the most beautiful hill stations in India with snow-clad peaks, high Alpine valleys and equally high number of tourists. The place is also a haven for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. Nainital, on the other hand, is another popular hill station in Uttarakhand and is the second largest lake in India.

  1. Rishikesh

Rishikesh holds great importance in Hindu mythology since it is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva and Goddess Ganga were married. Accordingly, it’s regarded as one of the holiest places in all of India and millions of Hindus visit this city every year to pay tribute to their gods. And it’s not just Hinduism that this city is important to.

  1. Kumaon Hills

The Himalayas that span the length and breadth of the state are home to some of the most picturesque and beautiful spots in India. The lush green hills that are dotted with deodar trees and snow-clad peaks make it a place worth visiting. The Kumaon Hills, in particular, are a popular tourist destination with people coming in from all over India every year to enjoy nature at its best.

  1. Tungnath – An Ancient Holy Town

Tungnath is an ancient town and has been an important Hindu pilgrimage site for centuries. It’s known for its ancient temples and the religious significance of the place is undeniable. The town holds great importance in Hindu mythology since it’s home to the Tungnath temple, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India.

  1. Auli – Home to some of the best Skiing Spots

Auli is one of the most popular ski destinations in Uttarakhand, especially during winters. The area is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and is a great place for adventure enthusiasts. The place literally means ‘valley’ in Hindi and the area is popular for its many skiing spots, including Kopetdag, the highest point in Uttarakhand and the entire North-East.

  1. Mount Abbott – Old Town

Mount Abram is one of the most popular places to visit in Uttarakhand on account of its natural beauty. The place is known for its scenic beauty, and is a popular destination for local and international tourists. People come from all over India to enjoy nature at its best, and there are many places to visit in the area – but Mount Abbott itself is the most amazing spot that you should see.

  1. Guptakashi – Temple Town

Guptakashi is a town that is quite popular among tourists from around the world. The place is known for its natural beauty and historical significance. The town was founded in the 15th Century by Rana Kumbha and it’s home to numerous temples of great importance. Guptakashi holds great significance among Hindus as one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, although there are many more places of religious importance in the area.

  1. Joshimath – Religious Hub For Hindu Pilgrims

Joshimath is one of the most important spots in Uttarakhand that holds great religious significance for Hindus. The town was established by the Royal King Joshi and was home to his family and later on, a royal palace as well. Joshi, as he is fondly called, held a very great deal of importance in the history of Uttarakhand and the place has been a popular pilgrimage spot for centuries.

  1. Uttarkashi – Quaint Hill Town

Uttarkashi is a small town that is home to the most important and sacred Durga temple in India. The temple attracts millions of pilgrims every year, both local and foreign, who flock to this place to pay reverence to their gods. The town has been home to several families with the same name, who over the generations have built and maintained one of the most important temples for Hindus in India.

  1. Chopta – Serene Quaint Hills

Chopta is the highest motorable point in Uttarakhand and is regarded as one of the most beautiful spots in India. There are a number of source of water that originate from Chopta and flow down into the Gomti River passing through Joshimath.

  1. Jim Corbett – Wildlife Heaven

The Jim Corbett National Park is a nature reserve that was established to protect rare species of animals and birds. The area holds great significance among wildlife enthusiasts and it is the place where famous Indian tiger Jim Corbett was killed in 1938. Today, there are much fewer species but the reserve makes it an ideal destination for those who want to experience the beauty of natural life in India.

Final Words

The natural beauty of Uttarakhand is what attracts people to it and makes it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. Different parts of the state are home to different places that are worth visiting, but each and every place has its own charm.

Have you visited any of these places? Write in with your comments below! And if you want to explore more such travel destinations, then head over here.


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