Best Places To Visit in India in June

Best Places To Visit in India in June

As the weather slowly meanders and takes your mood with it, we get ready for the rainy season. But never fear! These summer must-see places in India are still warm and beautiful. Enjoy a trip to some of these amazing destinations during June, and you will be rewarded with a warm sun, smiling locals, and calm waterfalls. There isn’t anything quite as refreshing as seeing nature without any masks or umbrellas!

List of 10 Best Places To Visit in India in June

  1. Kullu Manali, Himachal

Spend a relaxing weekend in this picturesque little village along the Beas River. There is something invigorating about the beautiful waterfalls, hilly terrains, and subtle climate of the area that is so calming during monsoons. Kullu Manali is one of those places in India that you cannot afford to miss in June.

  1. Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh

This charming hill station is a wonderful destination in June. It is famed for its lovely landscape and excellent rock sites, which are ideal for hiking and trekking. The area also offers a variety of adventure sports such as paragliding, rafting, river crossing, etc.

  1. Darjeeling, West Bengal

With the breezy climate and lush green hills, Darjiling is the perfect destination to relax in June. There are numerous attractions in the area worth exploring such as Gurudwara, St. Paul’s Church, and Tibetan Refugee Self-Help Centre. Don’t forget to savor a plate of Indian cuisines while you’re there!

  1. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Luxurious hotels and huge scenic beauty are what you need to totally get your fix of this famous hill station in June. It is also an ideal destination for couples and families because it is quiet and serene, providing you with a chance to unwind. 

  1. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

This ancient town along the Ganges River is the perfect destination to explore in June. The place boasts of all sort of historic sites and attractions, from religious shrines to museums, along with a wide range of magnificent hotels and restaurants.

  1. Coorg, Karnataka

In this remote district of Karnataka, you will find the best coffee plantations and tea gardens. June is the time when the best time to visit coorg as the temperature is cool and pleasant. The area also offers a variety of adventure sports such as safaris, trekking, etc.

  1. Ooty, Karnataka

This is the most popular getaway from the hustle and bustle of Mysore. Ooty is totally different from other hill stations with its subtropical climate and lovely foliage. With lush greenery, beautiful lakes, and waterfalls, this place is definitely one of the best places to visit in India in June. 

  1. Wayanad, Kerala

This picturesque destination in Kerala is home to numerous backwater lakes. During June, the weather is ideal and temperatures are quite comfortable. There are numerous attractions to explore in this beautiful place such as tea plantations, Kodinhi waterfalls, and Ayurvedic treatments.

  1. Hemkund Sahib, Uttrakhand

This is the best time to visit Hemkund Sahib with its gorgeous view of snow-capped mountains and the sparkling waters of river Satluj. The area is a treat for adventure junkies wishing to try their hands on various adventure sports such as hiking, biking, paragliding, and rafting.

  1. Pondicherry

This beautiful place located in Puducherry is a great holiday destination with beaches, temples, churches and museums. You can also enjoy the delicious local cuisine of Pondicherry during your stay.


No matter where you decide to go, be sure not to miss the chance of exploring the best destinations in India in the month of June. As this summer we shall get some relief from the brutal heat, we should make the most of it. These destinations provide us with an opportunity to take a break from buzzing cities and pollution, while also allowing us to explore our country in different ways. So there is no better time than now to go on a trip!

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