Best Places To Visit in Assam

Best Places To Visit in Assam

Every state in India is different. Populated by a mix of religions, languages, and cultures, they are each distinctively different from one another. And Assam is just as diverse. With wondrous sights to behold and adventures to embark upon, it’s always a good idea to visit this corner of the world for a unique experience!

The diversity in Assam is something that you’ll notice the moment you cross its borders. The natural beauty and historical places that abound in this state are a sight to behold. The diversity will give you a feeling of being in a different world altogether, where you’ll find the best of both pre-historic and earthly worlds.

Best Places To Visit in Assam

  • Dibrugarh 

Dibrugarh is a small town located in the plains of Assam. It has a very distinct tribal and religious feel to it, and you’ll find the best of both worlds at this place. It’s a popular destination for tourists because of its rich history, culture, and natural beauty. Spend some time here exploring the many interesting things that make this place so special to visit.

  • Tezpur 

Tezpur is a town in the east of Assam. It boasts of beautiful and rich culture, as well as some ancient historical places to explore. Take a tour of its historical sites and learn about the varied cultures that flourished in this place. The town’s architecture is very interesting and you’ll find yourself wanting to learn more about this fascinating civilization.

  • Damshung 

Damshung is located in Assam’s Barak Valley. It’s a small and quaint town, where you’ll find the paddy fields of Assam. It’s a great place for adventure lovers. The best time to visit Damshung is between September and February, because of the cold climate during this period.

  • Bogamati

Bogamati is a small town located in the north of Assam. It’s a comfortable place to spend a lazy weekend, so take your time to explore and discover the best of this little city. You’ll find plenty of interesting and captivating things to do here, like canoeing through its mangrove forests, enjoying the scenic beauty of its river, and getting a glimpse at the many fascinating cultural activities that are available in this place.

  • Guwahati

The capital of Assam, Guwahati is a city that’s famous for its old palaces, majestic temples, and beautiful mosques. The city is located in the plains of Assam and is home to many temples and tourist attractions that are worth visiting. Spend some time here exploring the old palaces like the ones at Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra and Lakhsmi Narayan Temple.

  • Sivasagar

This historical town is located in Assam. It’s got some very interesting places to visit, like the Khasi and Jaintia Hills and the temples that are scattered throughout the town. The beauty of this place is astounding, and if you’re here between September and February, it’ll be a lot easier to experience most of Sivasagar’s tourist attractions.

  • Kaziranga National Park

Located in the Golaghat district, this national park is the largest of India’s wildlife sanctuaries. It’s a great place to visit if you want to see India’s only great one-horned rhinoceros (the Indian Rhinoceros) and plenty of other species of wild animals. The best time to visit Kaziranga is between November and June.

  • Kakochang Waterfalls

This waterfall is located in the Nagaon district of Assam. It’s a nice place to visit if you want to get a view of the outstanding natural beauty of Assam. There is also a small park nearby and some temples that you can visit while in the area.

  • North Cachar Hills

Located in the Cachar District, these hills are a great adventure destination for both tourists and nature lovers. The lush and scenic landscape is home to a variety of wild animals including elephants, rhinos, leopards, deer, buffalo, and more. You can travel through this area on a jeep safari or even trek through the forest with the help of guides.

Things You Must Carry While Traveling To North East India

(1) Camera

(2) Handy-Travel Guide book

(3) Sun Glasses

(4) Any luxury you want. (Just in case you need to relax).

(5) Emergency water purifier

(6) Travel first aid kit

(7) Photography accessories

Assam is a land where the sun is not just a source of heat but also energy and warmth. In every corner of Assam, there is an energy that comes from the sun. With its different seasons, Assam offers a wide variety of climate and atmosphere.

Final Words

The north-eastern state of Assam in India has a lot of personality. It is a land filled with culture, traditions and so much heritage. From wild animals to the rich history and culture, this place is like an alluring paradise for tourists.

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