What is The Best Time To Visit Agra

What is The Best Time To Visit Agra

What is Best The Time To Visit Agra ?

The Best Time To Visit Agra is November to March. Because the weather is pleasant during this time and the monsoon is over, you can explore the city’s great monuments. There are fewer tourists during this time too, so it’s easier to locate and spend quality time with all the sites.

What are some advantages of visiting Agra at this time?

  • Less Crowds. Less Pollution.
  • Cheaper Hotel Rates and more availability of Hotels.
  • Fewer Language Issues as compared to peak Season.

What are some disadvantages of visiting Agra at this time?

There are not too many, but there are some to be aware of:

Agra sometimes gets foggy in the Winter (as low as -4 degrees). This does not affect being outside, but it does make photography difficult for a short time and reduces visibility for a short period.

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Summer Season in Agra

In the summer months of April to September, temperatures in Agra can reach 42 degrees Celsius. A lot of people get sick in the summer, so it’s best to avoid it for at least one month before coming to Agra, and after.

Winter season in Agra

Winter Season in Agra is generally November to February. The city doesn’t really get cold, as the temp scarcely drops below 12 degrees Celsius, but it does get foggy for a day or two.
It is possible to visit during the winter season, but it’s better to avoid going in December and January because Christmas and New Year celebrations are quite chaotic and there will be more people than normal.

Monsoon Season in Agra

Monsoon Season in Agra is usually from July to September. During Monsoon season, it does rain everyday in Agra. The rain can be heavy at times and there will be many power cuts.
Generally, tourists avoid visiting this time due to the rainy weather.


English is widely spoken in Agra by the younger generation, so you will find no language issues in Agra.
Among many other languages spoken in Agra (and the surrounding areas):
Hindi is universally accepted as the mother tongue of India, and it is spoken by most residents. You will be able to get by without knowing much Hindi if you are adventurous enough.



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