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What could be your next Travel point?

What could be your next Travel point || Delhi, Timings

It feels good to be lost in the right direction. Some people wanted to feel free like a bird, open their minds and go to someplace where they can sense themselves. So what is your travel point this weekend or this month or this year. Don’t let yourself become so busy with your hectic schedules, work, family, or whatever the reason is; give yourself a break; you deserve a holiday from this chaos. Here is some travel point which we have researched.

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Delhi is the capital of India. We all know that, Yes, but have you seen the charming side of this union territory. I definitely say this answer with a big no. Delhi looks pretty in the picture, just not because of Qutub Minar, Lotus temple, and some other famous places. Many places are somewhat exotic, peaceful, and exquisite, which needs to be the public’s and media’s attention. There is some more travel point Delhi places which you might want to explore. Some hidden places in Delhi which you are might interested in. Also, the guides don’t usually told about these places because they are not too famous. These are some not-so-famous travel points in Delhi.

● Agrasen Ki Baoli – You have seen these place in various of movies but did not know the location don’t worry we have cover you up. This place has already come in a lot of movies and serials shoot. Photographers love this location because of its uniqueness, It is a reservoir which is 103 steps tall to the above ground. The slope and some rooms made it like a haunted place in night. One of the best travel point Delhi places which you cannot miss to scout.

● Bhardwaj lake – You know the shooting place of 3 idiots like the exactly ditto place is there in right in the middle and capital of the country Delhi. Bhardwaj place is the home town of many animals unique birds and beautiful butterflies. This area is covered with the semi arid forest and it is one of the best places to visit where you can find winds and water meet up in the same place. What else do you want you can be yourself bring some happiness to your face because these are some travel point holidays you don’t want to miss out.

● Jahaz Mahal – Coming down to our list number 3 Jahaz Mahal is like its name its a Mahal who is floating on water and you do not want to miss seeing it. One of the top pricks by the royals, it is one of the most exotic locations in Delhi. As old as time and twisted tales it is build by Mandu Sultan for his15000 women to accommodate in. It has 2 ponds which is as big as lake. The timings of opening of this Mahal is 6am to 6pm on all days of the week. There are some secrets or tales which are being heard from centuries and you will only find it when you go there. That is why it has come to the one of the best travel point of Delhi.

● Chhota Qutub Minar – Yes; You heard it right not the Qutub Minar, make your understanding right, it is Chhota Qutub Minar located in the center of the Hastsal Village. It is built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1650. Red sandstone was the main ingredient for making this unique and beautiful structure. The tower is initially 5 stories tall, with the dom top consisting of 2 more stories.
These are some travel points of Delhi. I hope you liked it please share to your loved ones whom with you want to visit

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