Top 7 Best Combinations for Online Sports Betting in India

About Online Gambling in India

Nowadays, online gambling is very common and gamblers are found in large numbers all over the world. Online games can be played in different ways, both physical and online games.


Initially, to play betting online you need to have an account on the sites that offer this possibility to play online (for example, Sportsbet), in general, this is a very simple and easy process for everyone. 


It is very important to note that you should not sign up to the first site that pops up online because not all of them are trustworthy for playing betting online, there are sites that look like real but steal the money you deposit and you do not get paid for what you have won.

How Do I Open an Account to Play Online Games?

Once you are sure that the site is secure, it is very easy to open an account to play online games.


On the main page of the site where you decided to open the account, you have the option to click on the Join now, Bet now or Open an account button to indicate that you want to open a new account.


After clicking on the button, a registration form will be opened which needs to be filled in with your details such as:


  1. Your name, postal address and physical address
  2. Your date of birth to verify that you are over 18 years old!
  3. Place of residence 
  4. A username and your password.
  5. A security question or code may be used later to verify your identity.


Some websites require you to set up your own bank account to make a deposit. You have to make a bet but you can generally do this once you are registered and ready to deposit.


After you have filled in the form and clicked on the button at the bottom to register, you will be shown some terms and conditions that are required and you have to read them as these are the terms and conditions of the site where you are registered and learn how the site works and how to play online games on that site.


For example, you can learn how much is the minimum deposit, how much is the minimum bet, how to deposit and how to withdraw money, site fees and rules for future games, such as the maximum amount you can withdraw. Also learn the terms and conditions of the free bet if it is valid on that site.


After registering, you have to deposit money into your account before betting. If you haven’t already done so during the registration process, you will need to specify which payment method you will use to deposit your funds. The sites such as Sportsbet accept credit cards called Visa and MasterCard. 


They may also accept payments by various debit cards and online accounts, such as PayPal. In general, any winnings you win from games will be paid with the same card or account. If the site you register offers a free game, you may be required to deposit a specific minimum amount.

How Do I Bet Online?

Since you know that there are many online gambling sites, to see how to play online games, the site Sportsbet has been chosen. It is one of the most popular sites in India for using and placing online bets.


As a start, you log in to Sportsbet enter your username and password and click on login.


Then you choose the match for which you are going to bet. To select the match you need to go to the football category (football, on the left side of the page) and then select the championship or competition in which the match is played. 


Once you have chosen the match, you also choose the type of bet you will play. To the right of the matches, you have the type of bet you should place, mainly full-time result bet 1, X or 2. These 3 bets show how the match ends. If you place 1 it means the home team wins if you place X it means the match ends in a draw and 2 the friendly team wins. But instead of 1, X and 2, you can have the corresponding coefficients for each combination you will play. 


Full-time results are the easiest way to play online but in games, there are also other combinations, quite a number of combinations for each match you play (the other combinations will be explained below).


After doing this action for all matches you will decide that you need to decide the amount you will play in this game. Selected bets will be displayed in a window on the right side of the screen. Once you have specified the amount you will bet, the amount specified will be multiplied by the sum of the odds and the winnings you can get plus the bonuses that the company includes. Then click on the place your bet button and the bet will be placed. 


As you can see, the process of how to play online gambling is very simple and can be used by anyone over the age of 18.

Other Betting Combinations

As it is said above, the combinations for betting are many and here you can look at some of the most used combinations you can play in online games.


On the right-hand side of each match, there is a button that leads to possible combinations for that match.


A double chance means placing a bet with two possible outcomes which are: 1X the home team wins or draws, 12 the home team wins or the friendly team wins and X2 the team draws or wins. This combination is among the easiest to find but the coefficient is too small.

Correct Result

A bet with the right result means finding the final result of the match which means as much as a very difficult bet to play and the odds for this bet are very high.

Half-Time / Full Time

This type of combination is finding the outcome of both parts, i.e. making a combination of how much the first part comes out and how much the second part comes out. For example, 1/2 means that in the first half the host team wins but in the second half the friendly team returns the result and gets the win (1-0 first half, 1-2 game end). It is a very difficult combination to catch but a combination with good odds to play.

Goals Scored

This type of combination is used quite often. You can bet how many goals will be scored in both the first and second half but also throughout the game. If you make a combination of 3+ it means that 3 or more goals were scored during the whole game, 3+ you can also play it during the first half which means that 3 or more goals only during the first half and the coefficients are even higher but the stake is harder to find.

Points and Goals

A very interesting combination is the final score and goals of the match. For example, 1/3 + means that the host team wins and 3 or more goals are scored. 2/3 + the first part is another combination you can make but the probability of catching this combination is quite low and it follows that the coefficient for this combination is quite high. 

Gol-Gol / Gol-JoGol

Goal-Gol means that both teams score and Gol-JoGol means that only one team scores. You can combine this bet with the final score as well as with the goals in the match, such as GolGol / 3+ and 1 / GolGol.


This is how you play betting online, a simple and fairly safe way if you are on a secure site and not on a fake site that takes advantage of ignorance and misinformation from people about these sites.

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