Things To Do in Rishikesh

Things To Do in Rishikesh

Rishikesh, the yoga capital of India, is one of the holiest and most spiritually significant places in all of Asia. Visitors can explore many different temples or take time to go on hikes and explore the beautiful mountains that surround this city.

Whether you’re looking for a spiritual retreat or just a peaceful place to escape from it all, Rishikesh has everything anyone could want.


Must Do Activities in Rishikesh


1) Rafting in Rishikesh


Rishikesh is known as the rafting capital of India. There are many different companies that you can go with and all of them offer different experiences depending on what kinds of rapids you want to run. There’s something for every level of rafter… from slow-moving rivers to gnarly whitewater rapids. If you have never rafted before, don’t worry – they will teach you everything that you need to know before they put you in a raft.

2) Cliff Jumping 

Cliff Jumping
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There are several cliffs in and around Rishikesh that people jump from. These cliffs offer great views of the local river and the surrounding area. There are also many different companies that offer cliff jumping. The best time of year to do Rafting in Rishikesh is from October to March.

3) Camping & Hiking in Rishikesh

Camping & Hiking in Rishikesh

Camping and hiking is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Rishikesh. It’s amazing to be able to sit around a campfire under the stars and share stories with people from all over the world. and there are many great hiking trails that you can explore for days at a time if you like. Many of the trails offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and forests.

4) Mountain Biking in Rishikesh

Mountain Biking in Rishikesh

There are plenty of trails that you can take your bike on and have a blast mountain biking through the local mountains and forests. Mountain biking is also a great way to see all of the local temples as well. You can rent mountain bikes at different shops through out town or bring your own bike.

5) Take a ride in Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon ride is an exciting way to spend a day in Rishikesh. A hot air balloon tour is a fun way to see local sights as well as get an aerial view of the surrounding area. You’ll enjoy some great food and wine while you’re on the flight with your pilot and will even get to witness one of the most beautiful parts of India while you’re up in the air.

6) Trekking In Rishikesh

Trekking In Rishikesh

Trekking In Rishikesh is a great way to see the local areas. There are many different companies that will take you on treks lasting from a few hours to a whole day. Trekking In Rishikesh is great for people of all fitness levels and it’s an inexpensive way to get a great workout.

7) Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh is a popular activity for visitors. There are many different companies that offer Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh and they offer a wide variety of different jumps. There are also many different times of the year to do Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh. It’s a popular thing to do for visitors who are in town for the weekend.

8) Paragliding


Paragliding is very popular in Rishikesh. There are many different companies in town that offer paragliding and it’s a great way to see the local mountains and the surrounding area. Paragliding is a cool way to get a bird’s eye view of all of the amazing things that Rishikesh has to offer.

9) Flying Fox, Rishikesh

Flying Fox, Rishikesh

There are many Flying Fox companies in the town that you can go with. These companies will take you to different heights of the local mountains and you can glide back down to the ground on a giant zip line. Flying Fox, Rishikesh is a great way to see the local mountains and it’s also very popular among adventure seekers.

10) Rock Climbing in Rishikesh

Rock Climbing in Rishikesh

Rock climbing is a popular activity in Rishikesh. There are many places where you can rock climb in and around the town. The rocks are all different sizes, so you can choose whichever one you like the best. Rock Climbing in Rishikesh is a fun way to challenge yourself and there’s no experience necessary. Many companies through out town offer rock climbing trips with skilled guides so that you don’t need any experience to go with them.

11) Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat

Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat
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An evening ‘ghat aarti’ on the banks of the holy Ganga River is an unforgettable experience. A ‘ghat aarti’ involves the singing of devotional songs and the playing of musical instruments as an offering to God. The place is large and can be equally enjoyed at sunset, sunrise or any other time of day. You will be able to see the ghats from a little distance from one bank to another. There are several ghat aartis on the seashore throughout Rishikesh for you to experience.

12) Visit Lakshman Jhula

Lakshman Jhula
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The Lakshman Jhula is a beautiful hanging bridge that spans the Ganges in Rishikesh, India. It is said to be a pathway to heaven, and it’s one of the most revered symbols of Rishikesh. This bridge is a prominent tourist attraction in this region and features breathtaking views of the Ganges, as well as an assortment of delightful statues and temples around it.

13) Visit Ram Jhula

Ram Jhula
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Another famous structure in Rishikesh is the Ram Jhula, another ancient hanging bridge that crosses the Ganges. It’s also said to be a pathway to heaven and is one of the most sacred symbols of Rishikesh. This bridge is also known for its beautiful statues and religious structures, as well as its beautiful view of the Ganges. The Ram Jhula is a popular tourist site in Rishikesh and one that you shouldn’t miss on your visit there.

14) Do Yoga On The Bank of River Ganga


Many people come to Rishikesh to experience this type of yoga as it’s thought to induce a deeper connection with nature, as well as a sense of inner peace. The river bank is also a great place for meditation because it lends itself to quiet reflection and mindfulness.

15) Take A Dip In Holy Ganga

Dip In Holy Ganga

Swimming in the Ganges is a popular activity in Rishikesh. It’s said to be great for your health and wellness, and many believe it’s also a path to inner peace. The waters are considered sacred, so you can imagine the spiritual connection you’ll feel when swimming in one of the holiest places on Earth!

16) Visit The Beatles Ashram

The Beatles Ashram is a retreat and a place of pilgrimage for many individuals who want to immerse themselves in a spiritual experience. It’s said that The Beatles visited this ashram in 1966, so it’s become somewhat of a shrine since then. You will find quotes from John Lennon painted on the walls and everything is decorated in Beatles memorabilia. You’ll also find meditation rooms, as well as a vegetable garden on the property.

17) Visit Parmarth Niketan Ashram

Parmarth Niketan Ashram is a spiritual retreat that offers many different types of meditation and healing practices. There are also many types of yoga on the property, as well as a beautiful pool area. A visit to this ashram offers a perfect chance to experience mindfulness, or inner peace in an environment filled with positive energy. You may even choose to stay overnight at this ashram for an even more profound experience.

18) Visit Gita Bhawan

Gita Bhawan is a place where you can learn about Hinduism and the history of the Bhagavad Gita. It’s a great experience for anyone who is interested in religious teachings and has some time to spend in a peaceful place. It’s also possible to attend a satsang, or talk about spiritual subjects, at this establishment.

19) Visit Bharat Mandir

Bharat Mandir is one of the most beautiful temples in Rishikesh and one that should be visited by anyone who has an interest in spirituality. The temple is located close to the Ganges, which is where many people choose to go to pray. There are many types of meditation and yoga on this property as well. You can even attend a morning prayer at 6am here at this temple if you want to get a head start on your day.

20) Visit Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park is an excellent place for nature lovers and hikers. It’s a great place to see wildlife, such as tigers or leopards, and it’s an excellent spot for birdwatching. You’ll find several lodges, as well as many types of hikes here, so you can easily spend your entire vacation exploring this park if you’d like.

21) Visit Swarg Ashram

Swarg Ashram is one of the most popular ashrams in Rishikesh, and for good reason. It’s a place where you can experience yoga and meditation in a peaceful setting. The ashram sits on the banks of the Ganges and features several types of yoga classes, as well as many types of meditation practices. Yoga practitioners will appreciate this beautiful establishment because it offers so many different types to choose from.

22) Experience The Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage

If you’re looking for a way to relax, you should consider the ayurvedic massage in Rishikesh. The massage will likely be a great way to treat yourself, as well as a good way to help you deal with your stress. It’s a very relaxing experience and the therapists at this spa are highly trained and experienced in their work.

23) Cafe Hopping

Cafe Hopping in rishikesh

Rishikesh has a great café scene where you can enjoy authentic Indian cuisine at reasonable prices. You can get great coffee, tea, and delicious snacks at many of the cafes in this region, as well as authentic Indian food. Cafe hopping is another fun way to spend some time in Rishikesh and experience this beautiful city’s culture.

24) Visit Neelkanth Mahadev Temple

Neelkanth Mahadev is a revered temple that’s located in the mountains of Rishikesh. The temple is dedicated to Shiva, who is one of the most important gods in Hinduism. The temple features beautiful statues and religious artifacts, as well as breathtaking views of the surrounding area from its perch on top of the mountain. A visit to this temple gives you a great chance to learn more about Hinduism and the different gods and deities that are worshipped there.

25) Temple Tour


If you’re interested in learning more about Hindu culture, you should definitely take a temple tour while you’re in town. All of the temples are beautiful and filled with history and symbolism. You’ll get a chance to see the many different schools of Hinduism at work by visiting each one!

26) Shopping in Rishikesh

Shopping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a fantastic place to do some shopping. Many stores are filled with gorgeous jewelry, clothing, and art that you will want to bring home with you when you leave town. You can also buy a wide variety of fun trinkets and souvenirs for your friends and family. It’s well known for having many fair trade shops where the products are made by local artisans who get a fair wage for their hard work.


Rishikesh is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer. The city has a lot to see and do, as well as a lot of great food and entertainment options. It’s a very affordable place to spend some time, so be sure to visit this lovely location before you head home. we hope you will enjoy your stay in Nashik. and if you want to know about more other places visit us at

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