Are you tired of your hectic schedule? Are you want to get lost and find the true potential of being a person? So here I have a solution for you the place which is also referred to as “The Adobe of Clouds “The Scotland of India” Yes, you guessed it right it’s Shillong.  

Shillong act as the gateway to “Meghalaya”, famous for heavy rainfall, caves, the tallest waterfall is here, beautiful landscapes ever, and cheerful people, and there followed cultures.  Shillong has a westernized culture, and also it is the music capital of India as many Music prominent pay homage to this state. As the capital of Meghalaya, it is lying and surrounded by breathtaking hills and plateau.  Later Shillong was the capital of Assam, but it changed after the introduction of the new state Meghalaya on 21 January 1972, and shift its capital to Dispur. 


With cooler overall temperatures throughout the year, you can plan a visit at your convenience. 

And it’s always good to know more about the city weather where you wish to visit so that you can get the kind of holiday that suits your interest. I am listing the guide below so that it may simplify your travel planning and helps to pre-plan all things. I hope you will find it a little knowledgeable. 

CLIMATEShillong experiences subtropical weather, with summers from March to June. 

MARCH — JUNE — These months experience the temperature range from 15 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius. The seasons throughout these months are cool and pleasant. This time city and its neighboring region are surrounded by tourists, because of the idyllic weather the city has the perfect environment to enjoy the beauty. 

JULY — SEPTEMBER -These months experience the temperature range from 12 degrees to 16 degrees Celsius. Heavy rainfall hit in these months. Due to the heavy rainfall in these months, the city hardly experiences visitors. 

OCTOBER-FEBRUARY -The temperature varies from 2 degrees to 16 degrees Celsius. in these winter months, the city experiences a lesser number of tourists but the season is best for a visit. 


NOHKALIKAI FALLS— It is the tallest plunge waterfall in India has a height of 340 meters. Located in the Meghalaya, near Cherra punji, is one of the wettest places of India   

CATHEDRAL OF MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS — If you love to visit and enjoy the beauty of architecture, you must have to visit this place. It is the cathedral church of the roman catholic archdiocese of Shillong. And has the gothic revival architecture style. There are no visiting hours there so you visit any time. 

UMAIAM LAKE-Calm beautiful place to visit with the neat environment and has the facility of boating, packing and you can also rent a camera .during the start of summer the jacaranda trees blossoms which adds beauty to the lack also the perfect place for a picnic. 

AIR FORCE MUSEUM — A Military history museum dedicated to the Indian air force featuring weaponry, plane models, and souvenirs. This place is great for the children so that they can gain knowledge about our Indian air force. 

CRINOLINE FALLSThis is best for trekking and for adventure .it is the small waterfall that falls from the height of about 40 feet and has created a pool at its cascades through the jungle pathway. The place has a great view and a pleasant calm vibe. 




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