Pondicherry Famous Places

Pondicherry Famous Places

If you are planning to visit in Pondicherry and confused where to go, then this article is for you. In this article, we have gathered a list for you of Pondicherry Famous Places.

About Pondicherry 

Pondicherry, a town and former French colony on the southeast coast of India, is a perfect spot for those who are looking for relaxation and rejuvenation. There are many famous places in this beautiful town to take a stroll along the beach or visit while on vacation. The best things about travelling here is that it’s very cheap and with some initiative, you can find authentic one-of-a-kind experiences.


Pondicherry Famous Places For Visit :


  1. Sri Aurobindo Ashram

    Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a spiritual center located on the outskirts of Pondicherry. It was founded in 1926 by Sri Aurobindo Ghose, a famous Indian freedom fighter, yogi and guru. This ashram holds daily yoga classes, meditation sessions and organizes lectures and discussion groups. There is also an all vegetarian restaurant that serves traditional Indian fare.

  2. Arikamedu Rock Edicts

    Arikamedu Rock Edicts are rock carvings dating back to 1000 B.C. They were discovered in the year 1949 by archaeologists in a region called Arikamedu, about 15 kilometers west of Pondicherry. Nowadays, these rock drawings are protected and maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

  3. Chunnambar Boathouse

    Chunnambar Boathouse is a boat ride on the Muthupet river. You can hire a boat or enjoy the boat ride along with some friends, family and loved ones. This boathouse is located very close to the Sea Shore, so you can visit both places in one day.

  4. Pondicherry Botanical Garden

    The Pondicherry Botanical Garden is a public botanical garden in the city of Pondicherry set up in 1982. It has a good collection of rare plants and flowers from all over India. The garden is well maintained by the Pondicherry Municipality, which also maintains the Botanical Garden’s tea museum and forest nursery.

  5. Jawahar Toy Museum

    This museum is a wonderful place for children. It has a wide collection of toys including handmade and wooden toys, dolls and teddy bears. You will also find coins, stamps and medals as well as old cameras here.

  6. Pondicherry Museum

    This museum has a good collection of traditional Indian carvings and furniture. Among the items here are beautiful lamps, wooden sculptures and antique objects. Many of them have mythological stories attached to them.

  7. Ousteri Lake

    Ousteri Lake is a man-made lake, which was created for irrigation purposes. It is about 30 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide and has a capacity of covering the city of Pondicherry. The lake is famous for its boat rides. The boat rides on the lake take you to the middle of the lake, which is bordered by lush green paddy fields. On both sides of the lake there are small villages where you can see villagers working and children playing.

  8. Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges

    The Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges is a Roman Catholic parish church located at Pondicherry. This place of worship was constructed in the year 1672 and is known for its beautiful stained glass windows, brightly colored ceilings and a set of bronze doors. The church has been under the control of the Franciscan friars since it was constructed and is open to people of all faiths.

  9. Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

    The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a Roman Catholic church located at Pondicherry. It was constructed in the year 1845 and is famous for its beautiful stained glass windows, beautifully designed exteriors, excellent acoustics and a set of bronze doors. The church has been under the control of the Franciscan friars since it was constructed and is open to people of all faiths.

  10. French War Memorial

    This monument commemorates the French soldiers who died in the First World War. They were killed during the battle of Ypres in Belgium. The war memorial was built using white marble, granite and bronze. It is located near the Pondicherry Museum.

  11. Manakula Vinayagar Temple

    The Manakula Vinayagar temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. This magnificent structure was built in 1760 and is an excellent example of Dravidian style architecture. Made from limestone, the temple has pillars with chiseled images of Lord Ganesha and other Hindu Gods. The annual festival at this temple is well known for its grandeur and festivities.

  12. Institute for Yoga Education and Research

    This institute was set up in the year 1984 and is dedicated to the study and research of yoga. This place is managed by Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Education, Research and Development. The institute conducts many workshops, conferences and summer retreats. It also offers yoga training for beginners through professionals as well as treatments for various ailments, such as stress, back pain and asthma.

  13. Auroville

    Auroville is a place of peace and harmony. It comprises of 14 communities, which are based on different faiths, in the southern part of Pondicherry. The motto behind Auroville is “One Humanity, One Heart, One Spirit”. This place is run by volunteers known as “Aurovilis” who have pledged their lives to build a better world for all in the future through putting their heart and soul into this mission.

  14. Old Lighthouse Pondicherry

    Old Lighthouse Pondicherry lighthouse is located on the beach, far from the city center. It was built in 1793 and is still in use today. The lighthouse has a height of 32 meters and is one of Pondicherry’s main landmarks.

  15. Rock Beach

    Pondicherry’s Rock Beach is very famous for its scenic beauty. The calm and peaceful ambiance of this beach attracts tourists of all ages throughout the year. This beach was a filming location for the movie, “Slumdog Millionaire”. Many fashion photographers also use this beach as a backdrop for their photo shoots.

  16. Auroville Beach

    Auroville Beach also known as Kabutarkandiyur Beach is located next to the town of Pondicherry. This beach is famous for its good swimming and surfing conditions and also serves as a popular venue for beach parties. The road leading to this beach has some amazing views of the sea and the beach.

  17. Paradise Beach

    Paradise Beach, also known as Vettuvankeni is located on the Coromandel Coast. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, with many corals and fishes that can be seen while swimming here. The ambiance of this beach is simply mesmerizing and you will feel like you are in paradise here.


I think, you will be satisfied with the above information of Pondicherry Famous Places. Those are some very beautiful and Famous Tourist Places in Pondicherry . Hope you like this article and share with your loved ones and If you have wanderlust and live to explore, then you can read about  many other places  on Travel Tricky

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