Pachmarhi Famous Places

Pachmarhi Famous Places

If you are planning to visit in Pachmarhi and confused where to go, then this article is for you. In this article, You can get all the  good information about Pachmarhi Famous Places.

About Pachmarhi 

Pachmarhi is a small city and a hill station in Madhya Pradesh. The city is famous for its beauty and surrounded by high hills. It is said that the city is one of the most attractive places in India and therefore, people visit this place to spend some time. The city has scenic views and people get impressed by the beauty. The weather here is typically cool in summer and cold in winter. Pachmarhi attracts a lot of hikers and nature lovers.


Here Are Top 11 Pachmarhi Famous Places


1) Jata Shankar Caves

Jata Shankar Caves is a natural rock formation just outside of town and a day trip for many visitors. It’s a well-known landmark in the area and it takes about 2 hours to get there from Pachmarhi. There are three caves which you can explore by walking inside and looking out at the various formations of rocks. You might also spot some wildlife along the way!

2) Dhupgarh

Dhupgarh is a small village in the Satpura range, on the banks of the Narbada river about 17 km west of Pachmarhi. Dhupgarh is a very picturesque place which is surrounded by dense forests and offers numerous points from where excellent views can be obtained. Dhupgarh is an ideal place for camping and it has a ‘saint’ temple as well.

3) Bee Falls

Bee Falls is a place in the Pachmarhi National Park. It is a beautiful waterfall in Chambal Valley, Madhya Pradesh. It’s a holy place for the Hindus and also one of the famous places to visit in Pachmarhi. Bee Falls is a perfect picnic spot to enjoy with your family and friends.  It’s an ideal place for adventurous sports like- rock climbing, Rappelling, River Crossing, Trekking and other activities like swimming, camping and river rafting etc. It has natural beauty that would mesmerize you by its charm.

4) Apsara Vihar Waterfall

Apsara Vihar Waterfall is one of the finest places to visit at Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations, this waterfall attracts tourists from near and far due to its tranquil nature, captivating beauty, refreshing greenery and cool aura. Apsara Vihar falls stands at the top of a hill which is in Pachmarhi town. You can reach at the place by climbing 2000 steps from the bottom of the hill. Apsara means the beautiful women and Vihar means a place where people enjoy their time. People love to visit this place for having a peaceful time with nature as this place is also known for having caves on its hillside.

5) Pandav Caves

Pandav Caves is a group of 22 caves situated in the Pachmarhi town of Madhya Pradesh. The Pandav caves are located on the hills that overlook Kailash temple. They were built during the 4th-5th century and provide a glimpse into ancient India’s culture and lifestyle. The Pandav caves are a symbol of India’s cultural heritage and are one among the most visited tourist destinations in Madhya Pradesh.

6) Rajat Prapat Water Fall

Rajat Prapat Water Fall is one of the natural beauty of Pachmarhi. it is popularly called “rajat prapat”; this place is located at Kalapathar village, on the northern boundary of Baisakhi forest. The water fall is one of the three big water falls in Pachmarhi, and it has a height of about 200 feet. If you are visiting Pachmarhi then there are various places in this hill station that worth visiting for those who love adventures and trekking.

7) Chauragarh Temple

Chauragarh Temple is the first place to visit in Pachmarhi. This temple is situated atop a hill, which makes it a popular tourist attraction that draws so many people. A visit to Pachmarhi would not be complete without visiting this temple. On the way to this temple, there are several scenic areas that can be visited. The view from atop the hill is simply amazing.

8) Satpura National Park

Satpura National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Madhya Pradesh. This is one of the best and famous places to visit in Pachmarhi which is famous for forests, wildlife and very rare flowers. This is an ancient forest and reserved forest.
It is 3rd largest National Park in Madhya Pradesh and it is also known as a wildlife sanctuary and also picnic spot. The region has a spectacular scenic view from its natural hills that provide incredible scenery and breathtaking views of nature. One can see the largest concentration of wildlife in this region. Satpura National Park is also home to many animals that include globally threatened species like Blue Bull Elephant, Indian Leopard, Black Panther so on.

9) Duchess

Duchess Fall is one of the most popular falls in Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh. It’s one of the big tourist attractions in this town and is worth a visit. The waterfall has a height of 50 meters, which is its only drawback. In addition to that, it has an entire chain of waterfalls on its way which are equally beautiful with cascades dropping from each corner. The water of the waterfall is crystal clear and glistens in the sunlight. The lush green surroundings add to its beauty.

10) Pachmarhi Catholic Church

Pachmarhi Catholic Church is a pilgrimage site in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Located at an elevation of 1436 meters on top of a hill, it commands a panoramic view of the Satpura Range and is surrounded by shola forest. It was constructed by Fr Juniper Gomes in 1961 and consecrated as a pilgrimage site in 1976. Since then it has become a major pilgrimage site and tourist spot in Pachmarhi.

11) Priyadarshini Point

Priyadarshini Point is one of the best and famous places to visit in Pachmarhi. Located at the Priyadarshini Park in Pachmarhi, this place is a popular tourist attraction. This is a place to be visited by the tourists for natural beauty and for their own entertainment. It is situated amidst green and the surroundings are covered with beautiful scenery of nature.
This place is also known as one of the best and famous places to visit in Pachmarhi. This is a beautiful, peaceful and serene place to visit. People who come here can go on trekking across this place, they can go on sightseeing or they can even go on camping too.


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