Important documents you need when going for a GST registration

It is not an easy task to get GST Registration, but you can do it if you have a complete set of GST registration documents. In addition to being knowledgeable about GST and types of GST returns you should also know about the documentation process. There are various documents that you need to take care of while going for your GST registration.  Hence, it is essential that you must be aware of the different types of documents which are required to apply in order to get registered and get a GST number.


  1. PAN Card

The PAN card is an identification number that gives you access to your bank account, credit cards and other financial services like loans. It is also used as a proof of identity and address with NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India). To apply for a PAN card, you need to have either an Aadhaar card or a UAN number. You can get these if you have applied for any bank account or applied for mobile phone connections with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

  1. Aadhar Card

The Aadhar card is an identity document issued by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) which gives users access to their biometric data on the go through their mobile phones or laptops via verification through mobile phones connected with the Aadhaar app

  1. No objection certificate

NOC for gst registration is issued by the owner of the premises to implicate that they are allowing the use of premises for conducting their business. Visit this page for more info.

  1. Bank account details

You need to have an account in your name with a bank or financial institution that is registered with the GST Network (GSTN). The bank details will be used to make payments to you. You need to provide some basic information such as your name, address and bank account number. You should also provide your PAN card number if you want to avail of any GST benefits such as input tax credit (ITC) and refund.

  1. Photograph of the business owner

When applying for registration, you may be asked to provide a photograph of yourself along with proof of identities such as a passport or PAN card and driving license. This will help the tax department authenticate the identity of your business owner and ensure that no one else can use your company’s name for their own purpose.

  1. proof of address

You should always have proof of your address in order to register for GST for your business. Your home address is the first thing that will come up when you search for a company, so it’s important to keep that updated. You can do this by updating your house address with the relevant authority, such as the council or local government office.

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