Hotels in Leh

Hotels in Leh

If you’re looking for a different experience in the Himalayas, Leh is the way to go. Although it’s one of the most remote cities on earth, it’s also one of the most beautiful. The range of hotels in Leh ranges from modern three-star facilities to old-world heritage hotels with amazing views.


Top 10  Hotels in Leh Ladakh


1) Woosah Hostel

The Woosah Hostel is stunning, with a very modern and comfortable feel to the room. There’s a huge lounge area in the middle with a bar and lots of seating areas. The food they offer is not amazing, but it is good enough and they offer breakfast. if you’re passing through so that you don’t have to travel too far from the centre of town.

Address: GH road, Skara Rd, Leh, 194101


2) The Grand Dragon Ladakh

The Grand Dragon is the most modern and comfortable hotel in Leh, with a very stylish feel to it. It overlooks the Indus River and has a huge restaurant downstairs. The furnishings are modern and well designed, without being overly flashy.

Address: Union Territory Of Ladakh, Old Leh Rd, Sheynam, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194101
Phone no: 096224 33776


3) Hotel Royal Palace Leh

The Royal Palace is one of the most luxurious hotels in Leh, with an elegant feel to it. It overlooks the Indus River and has a very beautiful lobby area. The rooms are beautifully decorated and have a more traditional feel to them. The hotel also has a little cafe, providing good coffee and snacks at a very reasonable price.

Address: Hotel Royal Palace Leh: Old Road Sheynam Old Leh Road Leh Jammu and Kashmir, 194101
Phone no: 094191 81844


4) Hotel Samaya

The Samaya is a comfortable hotel with modern furnishings in a very calm and relaxing setting. You can dine pretty much anytime of the day here, as it has a huge restaurant on the ground floor.

Address: Upper Tukcha Rd, Leh, Ladakh 194101
Phone No: 094191 78516


5) The Maitreya Ladakh

The Maitreya is a comfortable hotel with an inviting atmosphere. It has a very calm and relaxing setting, with many restaurants to choose from. The hotel has a very modern feel to it, with luxurious furnishings and an inviting atmosphere.

Address: Katpa-Sankar Road, opposite Lamdon School, Leh Ladakh, 194101
Phone No: 096221 89392


6) Ladakh Country Inn

The Ladakh Country Inn is a comfortable hotel with modern furnishings. The decor is very modern, and the hotel has a very relaxing atmosphere. It’s a very popular spot for tourists, as it’s close to the main road, yet peaceful.

Address: Khakshal Leh Ladakh, Khakshal, 194101
Phone no: 096220 35466


7) Glacier View Guest House

The Glacier View Guest House offers modern rooms with an authentic Ladakhi feel to them. It’s in an amazing location, overlooking Leh town, and has a restaurant downstairs.
The hotel is run by a small family and the service is excellent.

Address: Upper Tukcka Road, Next to Hotel Hill town Leh Jammu and Kashmir, Leh, Ladakh 194101
Phone No: 070068 53438


8) The Grand Yasmin Ladakh

The Grand Yasmin has a very traditional feel to it, but with a more airy and modern feel. It’s right on the main road leading into Leh town, but still has an authentic setting. The rooms are comfortable, yet not as luxurious as some of the hotels in town.

Address: Fort Road, Ladakh, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194101
Phone No: 088494 67020


9) Alpine Ladakh hotel

Alpine is the newest hotel in Leh, and provides very luxurious rooms in a very contemporary setting. The hotel overlooks the Indus River, and has a beautiful restaurant on the ground floor.

Address: Shaynam Road, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194101


10) Ladakh Residency

The Ladakh Residency has a very traditional setting and is one of the most traditional hotels in Leh. It’s located in an ancient area, and can be a little hard to find at first. It has nice rooms that are comfortable and well maintained, and offers authentic dining options.

Address: Changspa Ladakh, Leh, 194101
Phone: 070057 52028



All these Hotels are the best Hotels in Leh for foodies and travelers. we hope you will enjoy your stay in Leh Ladakh. and if you want to know about more places visit us at

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