Famous Tourist Places In Trivandrum

Famous Tourist Places In Trivandrum

If you are planning to visit in Trivandrum and confused where to go, then this article is for you. In this article, You can get all the  good information about Famous Tourist Places In Trivandrum.

For those  who are looking for a perfect holiday destination with plenty to engage you, then Trivandrum might just be the answer. The city is considered as the cultural hub of Kerala and is often referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’. It is well connected by rail, road and airways and has been declared as one among the fastest growing cities in India. It also has a good accommodation availability that ranges from luxuriously appointed hotels to budget guest houses and apartments. And for those who are looking for some interesting and fun things to do in Trivandrum, here is a list of places that you can visit and make your trip a memorable one.


Here Is The List of Top 10 Famous Tourist Places In Trivandrum


1) Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach is a beautiful beach in Trivandrum and is a good place to take a walk on the beach or just to soak up the sun. This is one of the few white sand beaches that can be found in India. The water at Kovalam Beach feels cool and refreshing which makes this a popular tourist destination during the summer months. It is also relatively quite, especially compared to other parts of downtown Trivandrum which makes it appealing for relaxation as well as family outings.

2) Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Padmanabhaswamy Temple is situated at Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. It is dedicated to Vishnu and was built by king Rama Varma of the Travancore Royal Family. The temple reflects the ruler’s interest in spiritual pursuits and its architecture is a blend of Kerala temple styles with European influences. As a result, the temple has become a major tourist attraction and many devotees visit it to seek blessings from the deity. A visit to the temple will be incomplete without spending some time at the shrine of Sri Padmanabha in Padmanabhaswamy Temple. The shrine is dedicated to Vishnu, the preserver of all that is beautiful, eternal and pure. Its unique architecture reflects the ruler’s interest in spiritual pursuits.

3) Poovar Island

Poovar Island is one of the best places to go in Trivandrum. This is a small island, but there are many activities that you can do here. You should rent a scooter and explore this small area by yourself. People who like water sports will find plenty of opportunities here as well. Fishing, snorkeling, kayaking are all popular pastimes on this island and it is also possible to do parasailing on Poovar Island. There is also a lighthouse on the island that you can visit, which is one of the oldest lighthouses in India. The lighthouse is part of a national heritage and therefore open for public viewing.

4) Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach is a picturesque beach in Varkala , Trivandrum, Kerala. It is located on the southern end of Varkala village and is in close proximity to a huge number of heritage buildings, temples and restaurants. This long, beautiful beach is a must visit for all tourists. The sea is calm and shallow like a pond. It is ideal for water sports and swimming.
The long stretch of fine white sand is ideal for walking and the beach has calm waters and clear blue skies.

5) Shanghumukham Beach

Shanghumukham Beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Trivandrum. It is also a great place for natural sightseeing and for meeting friends or family members. Tourists find this beach especially attractive because you can see both sides of the Arabian Sea on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other. The beach is also known as “Manaltheeram Beach” because of the presence of a temple dedicated to God Vishnu (Manal = Garuda, Theeram = Temple). The beach is noted for its calm and clear water and clean sands due to tidal waves from the sea flowing up to this beach. This has led to Shanghumukham Beach being chosen as the best place for swimming by tourists who visit Trivandrum.

6) Ponmudi

Ponmudi is a hillock on the east side of central part of the city. It is embedded in a residential area and is an important landmark in Trivandrum. The top of this hillock used to have a temple dedicated to goddess Bhagavathi, which was destroyed by Tipu Sultan. Not far from it, there is an old mosque which has now been turned into a museum with historical evidences dating back to 8th century AD inside it. Ponmudi is the place to watch the Strobilanthes Kaulfoziana flower in full bloom. This flower has a trunk that can grow to be as big as a tree. The best time to visit this place is between November and March.

7) Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Padmanabhaswamy Temple is the most important Hindu temple in Kerala and one of the 108 temples of Lord Vishnu. It is situated on the East Fort in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. It is considered as one of the richest temples in India, with a reported annual collection of Rs. 130 crore (US$22 million) as of 2011. This temple is most famous for its treasure, which has been described as the “world’s third-biggest treasury”.
The temple is dedicated to Vishnu, and its members are known as the “Kazhwaram”. The temple is active in worship practices and the tradition and customs of Vishnu. These are most evident in the daily ‘pooja’ (worship) schedule for each deity in the temple; like wise, yearly festivals and offerings that occur at different times.

8) Neyyer Dam

Neyyer Dam is also famous for its close proximity to the Neyyar River. You can visit this place either during the day or night and enjoy the scenic beauty. Its wide green meadows provide a refreshing relief from the polluted atmosphere that you are likely to feel after stepping outside of your hotel in Trivandrum at any time of day. Aquatic birds, flowing water, and various species of trees with shady foliage make it an ideal picnic spot for those who want to catch some rays in cool weather as well. During night time, it’s a completely different scene here. The dam lights up and the place is frequented by many couples and young people. You can also camp in the area if you like.

9) Napier Museum

Napier Museum is a museum located in Trivandrum, Kerala. It was established on the site of Napier’s house in 1865 and is notable for its collection of archaeological objects and rare art. The museum showcases a wide range of ancient artifacts, which were found during excavations conducted at various places like Kodaikanal Hills and elsewhere in Kerala. The Napier Museum is situated at the heart of the city, adjacent to Major’s Building and right in front of Parliament House. It is one of the premier museums in India, housing rare Chola bronzes, stone inscriptions, primitive tools and weapons. It is known for its architecture and has been declared as heritage structure by the Kerala government.

10) Veli Tourist Village

Veli Tourist Village is a place of natural beauty, where you can find the perfect mixture of historical monuments and modern day amenities. The village is home to a huge range of activities including an adventure park, a swimming pool, and many shops where you can buy souvenirs or seek out interesting local food. You’ll also find plenty of accommodation options, from budget tents to luxury hotels with views of the city. Veli Tourist Village is easily accessible by road and rail, with Trivandrum International Airport being just 40 minutes away by taxi.


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