Famous Tourist Places in Chandigarh

Famous Tourist Places in Chandigarh

Are you planning to visit Chandigarh? If so, this blog post is for you! It’ll show you the most famous tourist places in Chandigarh. You can get more information on these places and plan your itinerary around these landmarks too. We’ve picked out some of the must-see attractions in this city that are a definite not-to-miss if you visit it. So, let’s get started!

About Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the most beautiful cities and a Union Territory in North India. It is also known as ‘The City Beautiful’ and is a very popular tourist destination. The city has mostly been planned by the Swiss architect, Le Corbusier. The Chandigarh tourist places are thoroughly maintained by the Chandigarh Tourism Department and attracts tourists from all over India and abroad.


Here are some Most Famous Tourist Places in Chandigarh For Visit:


1) Rock Garden

One of the most famous tourists attractions in Chandigarh is the Rock Garden. It was created by Nek Chand, an artist who was born in Peshawar, Pakistan. This garden covers a total area of about 10 acres and has approximately 3,000 sculptures. The sculptures are made out of waste materials like glass, plastic and other items that people would usually throw away into rubbish bins. this place is a really a treat to the eyes – it has a variety of sculptures, fountains and water bodies, lush green lawns everywhere. You can even find musical fountains in this garden. These are ideal for kids and adults alike.

2) Rose Garden

The Rose Garden has a total area of about 30 acres and is located in Sector 16, Chandigarh. It is also known as the Garden of the Colour. This place is perfect for taking pictures of your loved ones as it’s filled with small blue rose bushes. This place also has a British-style bench made out of grey stone where you can settle down and have a nice chat with your friends or family members.

3) Butterfly Park

This is another great place to take pictures. It is known as the National Butterfly Park. It contains species of butterflies and other insects, trees, birds and plants from all over the world. You can see many varieties of butterflies, and what’s also great about it is that it has a wide range of tree species that are known for their medicinal and aromatic properties.

4) Japanese Garden

This place is another popular tourist destination in Chandigarh. It was built by a Japanese lady, Yoshiko Miyakawa when she came to India in the year 1968. The garden consists of tea houses and quiet ponds that are on the premises. You can also walk around its wonderful pathways and bridges to see the various kinds of flowers across its meticulously designed landscape. At the end of each day, you can watch a beautiful sunset right near the garden.

5) Art Gallery

This is a must visit place while in Chandigarh. It is the art gallery of Chandigarh and has been built on its capital complex. Here, you’ll be able to see a variety of paintings that depict the culture and traditions of India in a very artistic way.

6) Sukhna Lake

The Sukhna Lake is very popular among not just the tourists but for local residents, too. It was created by Mr. Le Corbusier, who is known as the ‘Father of Chandigarh’. The lake has a small island in it which is the only part of Chandigarh visible from the air. This lake has a boating facility which is available to all the visitors of the city on weekends.

7) Pinjore Garden

Pinjore Garden is one of the most famous tourist spots near Chandigarh. This garden is spread across 100 acres, which encompass the remains of a beautiful old haveli that was built by the Raja Nabha in 1610. The place also has a museum and an art gallery that showcase rare works of art. If you love arts and crafts, this place will be your favorite as it has all kinds of things like paintings, sculptures and handicrafts from a variety of people all around the world.

8) Chhatbir Zoo

If you love animals and want to be surprised by some of the most unusual and rare species in the world, then this place is for you. It is also a famous tourist attraction that is located on the Chandigarh national highway. Here, you’ll find lions, tigers, monkeys, peacocks and many other animals that you’ve never seen or can imagine. This zoo also has an auditorium attached to it which hosts interesting cultural programs and art exhibitions.

9) Morni Hills

Spend a day at the Morni Hills and you’ll be able to see some of the most beautiful bird species in the world. This place is also one of the best places to photograph. The beautiful green hills, water bodies and streams will give you some great photo opportunities. There are many resorts that are available on these hills which can provide you with all the comforts you need for a relishing holiday.

10) Elante Mall

The Elante Mall is one of the main shopping malls in the city of Chandigarh. It is the largest mall in Chandigarh and has a great number of shops and restaurants. You will find lots of branded stuff in this mall and you can easily find any kind of clothing, footwear or any other item that you want to buy in this mall. The prices are also very reasonable and hence you can easily save a lot on your shopping bill here. There are also many bars and pubs in this mall where you can enjoy some drinks and hangout with your friends.

11) Sector-17 Market

This market is also one of the busiest market in town. It has a variety of shops and you can easily find many branded products at cheapest prices. The market is located on the main road and therefore, it is easy for you to reach this place by public transport or by your own vehicle. This market also has a number of recreational joints like pubs, bars and coffee shops which provide you with drinks and food at cheap rates. The Sector 17 Market is easily accessible from all parts of the city.

12) Manas Devi Temple

The temple of Manas Devi is also a famous one in Chandigarh. It is considered to be the most famous temple in the city. The temple has a beautiful garden that comprises of a series of statues and works of art. Sandstone carvings are also found all around the garden, which have been beautifully painted. The main deities of this temple include Manas Devi and Manav Kachhwaha Lord Shiva, Durga Devi and Durga Maa.

13) Nada Sahib Gurudwara

This is another famous and important religious place in town. It is said that the ashes of the Tenth Sikh Guru are buried under the Gurudwara. This place was built to commemorate an important event in Sikh religion where Guru Gobind Singh escaped death by hiding himself under a horse’s skin. The Nada Sahib Gurudwara is not far from the Sector 17 Market, which makes it easily accessible.


I think, you will be satisfied with the above information of Famous Tourist Places in Chandigarh. Those are some very beautiful and Famous Tourist Places in Chandigarh. Hope you like this article and share with your loved ones and If you have wanderlust and live to explore, then you can read about  many other places  on Travel Tricky

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