Cheap and Best Places To Eat in Delhi

Cheap and Best Places To Eat in Delhi

It’s an exciting reason to have a holiday getaway in Delhi. A wide array of cuisines at affordable prices is what makes the city an exciting destination for foodies in India. If you are too broke to pay for a decent meal in your own country, this list will help you out when looking for places where you can eat well on a budget.

Delhi is home to the best Indian dining experiences, which can be enjoyed at affordable rates. It has a huge variety of cuisines from which you can choose from and can enjoy the food with your friends and family. So, if you are planning for a trip to Delhi, here are some places to eat that won’t burn your pocket:

  1. Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar

Hudson Lane is an upmarket eatery that serves some of the perfect food at a reasonable price. Being known for their signature Hudson Burger and grilled chicken, this place is all about serving quality food at an affordable rate. It has a wide range of American, Italian and Indian dishes.

Famous Cuisines: Fast Food, Cafe, Italian, American, Chinese, and North Indian
  1. Pandara Road: Excellent Meal

For visitors who are looking for authentic North Indian food, Pandara Road is the best place to visit. This place is famous for its Chicken Vindaloo, which can be made in a variety of ways – dry and hot, dry and medium or dry and mild. So if you are looking to try something new with your palate, Pandara Road is the place to visit.

Famous Cuisines: North Indian, Chinese, Multi-Cuisine, North Indian Grill, Pan Asian, and Sweets
  1. Big Yellow Door, Delhi

Big Yellow Door is a café that serves various kinds of food, including South Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisine. They are one of the best places to eat in Delhi and can be easily found near Connaught Place.

Famous Cuisines: Italian, Continental
  1. Echoes, Delhi

Echoes is a nice place to visit for food enthusiasts who want to taste authentic South Indian and Continental cuisines. It has an ambience that lets you feel like you’re in Southern India. The staffs offer warm hospitality and can dish out mouthwatering dishes at pocket-friendly rates.

Famous Cuisines: American, Chinese, North Indian, Italian, Mexican, Mughlai
  1. The Hudson Cafe, Delhi

The Hudson Cafe is an offshoot of the famous Hudson Lane. It serves a variety of mouth-watering dishes, including Chicken Satay and Paneer Tikka that are sure to make your taste buds tingle with delight. The best part about The Hudson Cafe is that the food served are delicious but are pocket-friendly too.

Famous Cuisines: Chinese, Continental, Italian
  1. Tee Dee, Delhi

If you are a vegetarian and want to taste some of the best vegetarian food in Delhi, Tee Dee is the place to visit. It has got a huge variety of dishes that would leave your stomach full and your pocket happy.

Famous Cuisines: North Indian, Continental, Chinese
  1. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, Delhi

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters is one of the best places to visit if you’re looking for a good cup of coffee. It has some classic dishes as well, which are tasty and have a great value for money.

Famous Cuisines: Fast Food
  1. The Shim Tur, Delhi

The Shim Tur is a charming restaurant in Paharganj that serves amazing Tibetan food. It has a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes at an affordable price. The Shim Tur is the best place to visit if you want to taste some authentic Tibetan cuisine while on a trip to Delhi.

Famous Cuisines: Korean
  1. Sagar Ratna, Delhi

Sagar Ratna is one of the oldest restaurants in Delhi that offers some of the best traditional Indian cuisines to its patrons. It has a menu that can cater to various palate and is known for its Kathi Rolls – which are delicious and are made in a variety of ways.

Famous Cuisines: South Indian, North Indian, Chinese
  1. Wood Box Cafe, Delhi

If you are looking for some good American/Italian food in Delhi, you should visit Wood Box Cafe. It has a vast variety of foods, including pasta and sandwiches, which are great for a snack or appetizer.

Famous Cuisines: Italian, Chinese
  1. Wenger’s, Delhi

Wenger’s is a fine-dining restaurant that serves varied cuisines – Continental, Indian, and Chinese. For those who want to try some authentic Swiss cuisine in Delhi, you should visit this place.

Famous Cuisines: Fast Food, Bakery

Cheap street food places in Delhi

  1. Sita Ram Diwan Chand, Paharganj

Cuisines: Street Food

Average Cost for two people: 100

  1. Kulcha Junction, Connaught Place

Cuisines: Street Food

Average Cost for two people: 250

  1. Chache Di Hatti, Kamla Nagar

Cuisines: Street Food

Average Cost for two people: 100

  1. Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala, Chandni Chowk

Cuisines: Street Food

Average Cost for two people: 100

In summary

If you love to eat food, you should head for these places in Delhi. They are the best places to eat in Delhi. While in the city, you should also check out these special attractions.

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