Bookmaker betting: first steps

Bookmaker betting: first steps

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Have you noticed how computer games are gaining a strong foothold in the betting world? Forget confusion and ambiguity – our team is here to guide you through the world of cybersports betting. Explore the key terms, rules and strategies. We provide everything you need for a confident start and successful betting. Learn, bet and win with our resource!

This is a pass to someone from your family or friends in the stands.

Online betting: basic concepts

Before beginning your journey, it’s important to understand the basic concepts:
A bookmaker’s office is a betting platform. In addition, such sites can offer a variety of gambling entertainment, from classic slots to table games and rooms with live dealers.
Bet – the amount of money that has been invested for participating in betting.
Outcome – the end result of the cyber sports event on which a bet was placed on the game.
Odds – a multiplier that determines how many times the bet will increase in case of victory.
Line – a list of all events on which the bookmaker offers to bet online.
Live – in addition to standard betting, many platforms offer betting on events that are happening at the moment. This is a unique opportunity to bet directly during the game.

Understanding the basic terms will help you not get confused when opening a betting site for the first time.

Betting on games: options of outcomes

In addition, it’s worth understanding the main betting outcomes before betting online.

Online betting on 1X2

The first and most common type is 1X2. This is a classic where you have to choose one of three possible outcomes. From the options: a win for the first team (1), a draw (X), or a win for the second team (2).

Betting on games: win or draw

There are also three options here:

betting on a win for the home team or a draw (1X);
a win for either team, excluding a draw (12);
a win for the visitors or a draw (X2).
This type of online bet offers more flexible options, which increases the chances of winning real money.

Betting on the game: total

Total is a bet on the total number of points earned by both teams. There are two options available to gamblers. In the first option, players bet on more, which means the score will be above a certain threshold. In the second case, bettors bet on the fact that the score will be below the selected level.

Online betting on the pass

This is a bet on whether a team will make it to the next round of a tournament. This type of betting looks at the prospect of the championship as a whole, not just the outcome of an individual match.

Betting on games: handicap

A bet on whether one team will be given a certain advantage or penalty in points. A handicap can be positive: extra points are implied for the underdog. In another case, where penalty points are implied for the favorite, the betting handicap is considered negative.

Understanding the basic outcomes gives you a strategic advantage and helps you make more informed decisions.

Online betting: types of bets

Online bets are of the following types:

Ordinar – a bet on one specific event. The amount of winnings will be equal to the multiplier of the bet amount by the odds of the selected outcome. This is a great option for beginners because of the minimal risk and simplicity of calculations.
Express is a combination of several bets combined into one chain. The winnings are calculated as the product of all odds by the bet amount. But it is important to remember: if at least one event in the chain does not play, the whole express is considered lost. This is a choice for those who are willing to take a greater risk for a bigger win.
A system is a set of expresses formed from a certain number of events. This type of bet increases the chances of winning due to the variety of combinations. It is suitable for more experienced players seeking high results through complex strategies.

Players can choose between these different types of bets depending on their playing style, preferences and strategies. Whether you prefer a cautious approach with single bets or riskier methods such as expresses and systems, the key to success is understanding each type

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