Betting on sports: tips for new bettors 

Betting on sports: tips for new bettors

Everyone knows that betting on sports is not easy for every bettor. And it is rarely connected with “tweaks” of bookmaker’s offices or “negotiation” of sports teams. The fact is that most people who make bets do it without a system and analyzing the situation in the market. The “100% proven schemes of earning”, which are offered by successful bettors, also make their contribution. Of course, some of the proposed systems and really brought income, but do not blindly rush to bet on the advice of others.

In addition, beginners should not hope for instant profits. As a rule, bettors reach their best form after 2-4 years from the beginning of their career. And this is if we are talking about prematch, predictions in live mode are not given to many people at all. Live is a higher risk multiplied by the need to react quickly to changes on the field of play.

Here is how to bet on sports with pleasure.

Online betting: types of bets

Before moving on to the tips, it is necessary to understand how betting is accepted. As a rule, the following online bets are available to bettors:

  • Ordinar. A bet on a single outcome, the winning amount of which is equal to the product of the bet amount on the selected odds. Suitable for players with any experience in betting.
  • Express. A bet on several outcomes that are independent of each other. In this case, the winnings will be equal to the product of the bet on the odds of all selected outcomes. To get a win on this bet, all outcomes included in the express must be played. Even one mistake in the chain will lead to the loss of the whole sum of bets. Not recommended for beginners.
  • Series. A chain of several Expresses. Recommended only for experienced players who are confident in their knowledge.
  • Live Betting. Betting made at the moment of a sporting event. In this case, you can follow the course of the competition directly on the site of the BC with the help of online broadcasts of the “Live” section.
  • You can familiarize yourself with the order of accepting bets and detailed terms of settlement in the rules of use of the selected site.

Sports betting: the psychology of betting

The bettor’s attitude and self-perception is the basis of the psychology of the game. Sometimes big sports bets are the result of a fleeting desire to feel like a pro. Others are so bothered by failure that they quit betting for good. The best strategy is to approach betting with a cool head, aiming for gradual progress rather than instant wins.

The only correct approach to betting is a systematic one. Before betting online, research is essential. Only thorough preparation will help you take control of the situation in your own hands. In championships do not always win the top teams, and “dark horses” often snatch victory from the favorites. For a successful game, you need to set yourself up for success, catch the spirit, but be prepared for setbacks.

The key to success in betting is self-control, discipline and practice. At the same time, it is not necessary to start your way with real expenses. Many bookmakers offer to open a virtual account and make bets without spending money. After practicing with a demo account and raising the virtual capital 2-4 times, you can safely move to real bets.

Betting on sports without greed

Of course, the first successes in betting can turn the head of inexperienced players. Inspired by a recent victory, beginners often begin to believe in their own luck and stop analyzing in detail. And this often leads to the loss of money and the collapse of betting career.

Experts advise betting on sports with the following approach:

  • Treat betting with confidence and maximum concentration.
  • Make only well-considered bets based on the analysis of the situation.
  • Orient not on a large one-time win, but on permanent victories.

It is also worth noting that betting is not a place of universal forgiveness, where it is acceptable to justify yourself in any situation. Mastering the skill requires both self-control and self-criticism.

Sports Betting Restrictions

Here are a few more tips that can help new players minimize the risk of losing money when betting:

  • You should not bet on sports or play in a virtual casino while intoxicated.
  • Do not make predictions in an overworked state, it is better to postpone for tomorrow and rest.
  • Do not need to be guided by examples from movies and TV series, real betting is much different from what is shown on the screens.
  • Contrary to popular belief, luck in betting is a secondary thing, only analysis and work on forecasts will bring victories.
  • And, of course, the key to successful betting will be to find a reliable online sports betting site.

How to find a reliable sports betting site?

Choosing where to bet on sports is an important step for first-time bettors. Start by researching different betting sites. Compare their offers, betting conditions, odds and the variety of sports events available.

Beware of overly generous bonuses. Many bookmakers offer attractive promotions for new players. However, be careful as many of these offers are subject to large wagers, which can make the benefits worthwhile.


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