best time to visit Mathura

Best Time To Visit Mathura

When you’re planning your trip to Mathura, people often ask what is the best time to visit. In this post, we’ve compiled all the information you need on when it’s best to visit and what you can expect during this time. let’s start the topic.

What is the Best Time To Visit In Mathura?

Mathura is an all year-round destination and offers pretty much every season. The best time to visit is between the months of October to March. The weather is pleasant during this time and you can explore all the attractions of Mathura in full comfort. Other than this On the festivals of Krishna Janmashtami & Holi is also a best time to visit Mathura because of the all-night lively celebrations and many cultural programs, movies, music events, street plays and all kind of other attractions are organised during these festivals.

What to expect during this time?

Visiting during winter months will help you escape the scorching heat of summer. Winter in Mathura is still quite pleasant with pleasant weather and cool nights. The days are sunny, yet there’s no humidity at all. This makes it a fantastic time to walk through the streets and enjoy everything that Mathura has to offer.

Other seasons in Mathura:


April to June is the summer time in Mathura. It generally gets hot in the day time. The temperatures during this time of year vary between 30 – 45 degrees Celsius. But it the nights can vary between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. So,it’s better to avoid visiting during this time because it can be really uncomfortable.


The monsoon season lasts from July till October and brings plenty of rain to Mathura. During this time of year, you can expect it to rain almost every day, for at least some part of the day. This means that the weather can be really unpredictable, so you might want to avoid rushing here if the weather is like this.


The winter time in Mathura is a really pleasant time to visit. The temperature during this season is generally around 20 – 25 degrees Celsius. It is actually pretty close to spring because almost all the flowers are in full bloom, making the city even more beautiful. This is the best time to visit Mathura.

Our recommendation:

Taking all these things into consideration, we recommend you to visit Mathura during winter in between the months of October and March. If you prefer visiting a place during summer season then it’s okay as there is no restriction on visiting but the climate will be harsh at that time. Hope you enjoyed this article about Best Time To Visit Mathura. we hope you will enjoy your stay in Mathura. and if you want to know about more places visit us at

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