best places to visit in patna

Best places to visit in patna

Patna is the capital of the Indian state of Bihar. It has been described as a cultural hub, with many Indian and foreign tourists visiting the city. The name Patna means “full of gold. In Hindu mythology, the city is said to be founded by Kusa, the son of Lord Rama, and blessed by Parvati. If you are looking for some best places to visit in patna, consider coming to Patna. We have a very rich culture, and there is so much for you to explore.

So here are some of the best places to visit in Patna: 

  • Gandhi Ghat

Gandhi Ghat is one of the best places to visit in Patna. It is located on the banks of the river Ganges. Gandhi Ghat attracts tourist from all over India as well as from outside. It is not only famous for religious purposes but also famous for its cultural significance. Since there are many places roundabout this place you can plan to see them too while going to this place. You can get a self-guided tour to Gandhi Ghat Patna and explore this beautiful place by yourself.

  • Birla Mandir, Patna

This place is one of the oldest temples in Patna known for its religious significance. It has a great architectural value and is also filled with historical paintings. The whole temple is built on pillars and is supported by other pillars which are also made of excellent artistic craftsmanship. The temple inside is a wonder to see, it has been constructed with bricks of 1002 Bengal clay.

  • Mahatma Gandhi Setu(Babughat)

Mahatma Gandhi Setu or Babughat Bridge on the Ganges is the oldest bridge of Patna and was opened to public in 1982. It is also one of the longest bridges in India.It is one of the most popular attractions in Patna. You can stroll along the bridge and view the Ganges river as it flows through this massive bridge….

  •  Patna Museum

For those who are art lovers, they will love our wonderful museum. It is situated in the heart of the city, and many others have been visiting it for years. Whether you’re interested in ancient treasures or modern-day artwork, this is a great place to visit. The patna museum also has interactive features, so you can get a closer look at the artifacts that it holds.

  •  Golghar 

The Golghar was built by Warren Hastings during his tenure as Governor General, India. It is a large dome shaped structure built in the style of Egyptian Pyramids. It used to store food grains and today it is a museum.

  •  Barabar Caves

The Barabar Caves are located at a distance of 3-4 Kms from the Golghar. They are a group of 34 caves eroded in sandstone with sculpted pillars, stupas and stone engravings. These caves were built by Emperor Ashoka in around 250 BCE but later on became dilapidated due to natural erosion. These caves were excavated once again in the 20th century to reveal the carvings and sculptures.

  • Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park 

Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park is in the middle of Bihar, and it was founded in 1977. The park is a sprawling 116 acre garden with many gardens, lakes and streams. It also has a lot of animal species including peacocks, deer, elephants and birds.
The park is divided into several sections. These are the Biodiversity Museum, Children’s Park, Reptile Park and the Aquarium.
The Biodiversity Museum is an interactive museum that has displays of many species of plants and animals. The museum has a collection of stuffed animals including mammals, birds and reptiles.
The Children’s Park encourages children to explore nature with play equipment, swings, slides and other similar activities designed especially for kids..
The Reptile Park houses all the reptilian animals. The visitors can view crocodiles and turtles as well as other reptiles in their natural habitats.

The Aquarium is an aquarium with many aquatic species including stingrays, sharks and other similar kinds of fish; however it is not open to the public.

  • The Patna City Centre Mall

The Patna City Centre Mall is one of the the best places to visit in Patna. Located near the Patna Junction, it has 30 floors and 3 large parking lots spread over 1.3 lakh square meters. It’s not just a shopping mall but also an entertainment, dining, and business hub. The mall provides mega shopping with one entrance to enter all shops on the ground floor which has a wide variety of brands like Adidas, Nike Footwear, Levi’s Jeans, Ray-Ban sunglasses etc. and Café Coffee Day.

So these were some of the best places to visit in Patna. Hope you like this article and share with your loved ones and If you have wanderlust and live to explore, there’s a lot to get excited about in this blog. you can read about places like Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, Leh Ladakh & many more on Traveltricky





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