best places to visit in jaipur for couples

Best Places To Visit In Jaipur For Couples

If you are searching The Best Places To Visit In Jaipur For Couples. Then this article is very helpful for you.

First Of All We Will Know, Why Jaipur ?

Jaipur, the pink city of India, is one of the most romantic destinations in India. It has been the capital of Rajasthan State for over 400 years. Jaipur is  famous all over the world for its extravagant royal style and architecture. There are romantic things for couples to do in jaipur. The place is a perfect getaway for couples and has plenty of places to visit that are not only beautiful but also offer a taste of the culture. there’s no better place to visit in India than Jaipur.

Here Are The Best Places To Visit In Jaipur For Couples:

1. Hawa Mahal (Fort)

 hawa mahal Best Places To Visit In Jaipur For Couples

If you are looking for a great place for a romantic date in Jaipur, then there is no better place than Hawa Mahal. It is the best place in Jaipur for couples. It has everything you need to have fun and spice up your relationship. Hawa Mahal is a beautiful palace in the center of Jaipur.

2. Amber Fort

amber fort best Places To Visit In Jaipur For Couples

Amber Fort is located on the outskirts of Jaipur, located at a distance of 2.8 km from Jaipur City Palace. This fort is one of the most popular couples destinations in Jaipur.
Inside the fort, there are several palaces and temples which are worth visiting. You can enjoy an enchanting view of the Amber Fort from Hawa Mahal on the other side.

3. City Palace

City Palace Jaipur

City Palace Jaipur is one of the most popular destinations in Jaipur. for couples and families. City Palace offers a variety of rooms, some with balconies facing the pool or garden. this is one of the best places to visit  in Jaipur for couples and families who delights in exploring its culture, traditions and gastronomical features.

4. Jaipur City Museum

Jaipur City Museum

Jaipur City Museum is a cultural institution in the city of Jaipur and is India’s largest museum at present. It is an imposing structure in the heart of the old city and features a collection of ancient objects belonging to Rajput, Mughal and indigenous Jaipur. It also hosts fine paintings from Rajasthan’s artistic heritage. The museum is an important tourist attraction, and is visited by 200,000 people every year.

5. Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal

This palace is a favorite of newlyweds, who find the site romantic and memorable. This is due in part to the fact that this palace is one of the most photographed structures in Jaipur. The palace’s most notable feature is arguably its aqua blue color. It is a beautiful palace situated in the centre of the lake.  and A boat ride on the lake provides a chance to see it from a new perspective.

6. Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani is one of the best places to visit in Jaipur. This is a village that has been modeled after a typical Rajasthani Village and is situated by a water reservoir. There are plenty of activities for couples here- sharing a shower in the house, drinking chai at the house, watching movies at the house and so on. The atmosphere of this place is very similar to a typical Rajasthani village.

7. Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort is a beautiful palace which provides panoramic views of Jaipur’s skyline. It is surrounded by lush greenery, fountains and water features. Built in the 18th century, it was the main residence of heavy weight royal families who ruled over Jaipur till 1947. Nahargarh Fort has been restored and repainted with vibrant shades of ochre, white and blue to look just like it did back then.

8. Rambagh Palace

Rambagh Palace

Rambagh Palace, also known as Durbar Hall, is one of Jaipur’s most celebrated monuments. The palace has five courtyards with a collection of structures. There are beautiful gardens in all the gardens and it even boasts a pond that you can feed water lilies to via a hosepipe! There are five observation towers suitable for photo shoots as well as shooting videos and TV serials.The fort is also famous for sunset views. One can catch the magnificent views of sun set from the ramparts of the fort; this is a unique location for photography as well.

9. Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort Best Places To Visit In Jaipur For Couples

Mehrangarh Fort has been the ultimate destination for many visitors to Jaipur. The fort offers an overview of the Old City of Jaipur, and offers a chance for visitors to enjoy a panoramic view of the city.The fort has been offered as a venue for celebrations and in recent years, it has become a popular destination for couples looking for romantic getaways. The view from the top is fantastic — this historic monument is the ultimate place for couples who are looking to spend at least one night away from their daily routine.

10. Camel  Safari Jaipur 

 The Camel Safari Best Places To Visit In Jaipur For Couples

The Camel Safari in jaipur is one of the best way to enjoy with your love. You can spend some quality time with your partner in this desert area. The Jaipur Camel Safari is one of the best places to visit in jaipur for couples where you can see the beauty of nature. Get on the back of a camel and move from one place to another enjoying the best ride of your life.  The Jaipur Camel Safari is a great place to see the sunset with your loved ones while enjoying a ride through the desert. The Camel safari in jaipur available at The Amber fort, Fateh pol (Broken Bridge), Sajjan Garh, Tijara and Jaipur shopping street.


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