Best Places To Eat in Gokarna

Best Places To Eat in Gokarna

Summer is here, and vacation time is in full swing. If you are headed to Gokarna, a southwest region of India, we’ve compiled the best places to eat in Gokarna for those on your trip! Whether you’re out for a romantic dinner, or just looking for some local fare with a little gourmet flair, these restaurants will leave your taste buds tingling. So come hungry and stay cool this summer in Gokarna!

  1. Mantra Cafe, Gokarna

Mantra Cafe is a cute little cafe in the heart of Gokarna for some seriously good coffee. As one of the top places to eat in Gokarna, you can expect a variety of delicious coffee sandwiches and panini’s, as well as pastries and more. They even have brunch on Saturday and Sunday!

  1. Dattaprasad Tiffin Canteen, Gokarna

If you’re looking for a place to eat in Gokarna that is authentic and delicious, look no further than Dattaprasad Tiffin Canteen. Dattaprasad offers traditional Indian fare on their menu with a number of vegetarian options for any vegetarians traveling to Gokarna. Having opened in the 80’s this restaurant has perfected the art of Indian cooking so be sure to stop by for some tasty Indian food in Gokarna.

  1. Honni Mane Home Fish Food, Gokarna

Home Fish Food is a great place to eat in Gokarna if you are craving something really fresh and local. This cozy restaurant serves up local Gokarna seafood that they serve straight out of the Bay of Gokarna. You can choose from a number of different dishes, and create your own sampler with 4 unique and fresh seafood dishes, so don’t be shy!

  1. Namaste Cafe, Gokarna

Namaste Cafe is a great place to eat in Gokarna that has a top class selection of the best coffee in town. This trendy cafe serves up caffeine with the most delicious treats and yummy food! The prices are very affordable, too. Sit down and enjoy an amazing cup of coffee and a scrumptious breakfast!

  1. White Elephant, Gokarna

White Elephant is an unforgettable dining experience where you can have traditional Indian food the way it is supposed to be prepared. With the perfect ambiance, delicious Indian food and warm service White Elephant will surely become a favorite destination among travelers passing through Gokarna.

  1. Little Paradise Inn, Gokarna

Little Paradise Inn is a great place to eat in Gokarna, with healthy and tasty food, situated right on the edge of the Arabian Sea. Its outdoor seating area, as well as its ocean front view creates a gorgeous backdrop for dining al fresco. Little Paradise Inn also serves refreshing summer drinks such as lemonade to help keep you cool in the heat of Gokarna.

  1. Open House Fishland, Gokarna

Open House Fishland is a unique restaurant in Gokarna, set right on the beach. The decor is clean and simple, while the food is incredibly tasty! Everything on the menu at Open House Fishland taste great, so you can rest assured that eating here in Gokarna will be a memorable dining experience.

  1. Chez Christophe, Gokarna

Chez Christophe is a great place to eat in Gokarna for the traditional French cuisine, and an impressive selection of wines. The outdoors seating area is surrounded by the beach, making it a wonderful place to sit and enjoy your meal!

  1. Café Del Mar, Gokarna

Café Del Mar is a comfortable and relaxing place to eat in Gokarna, with incredible views of the ocean from every table. The indoor decor is simple and elegant, while the outdoor seating area offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea.

  1. Halfway Home, Gokarna

Halfway Home is a great restaurant to eat in Gokarna, serving up Indian favorites such as chicken tikka and prawn curry. With a cozy atmosphere, fresh food and polite service Halfway Home is a great place to grab a bite to eat in Gokarna.


5 dishes of Gokarna cuisine that you must try 

  1. Patrode

Patrode is a special dish in Gokarna. This special dish of rice and lentils wrapped with a banana leaf that is served with a piece of fish, coconut, and tamarind sauce.

  1. Todadevu

Todadevu is Gokarna’s special dish which is is made from the juice of Konana Katte cane which is used a batte.

  1. Clam curry

Clam curry is a dish for the seafood lovers aiming to visit Gokarna. The flavours of the dish can rejoice with lemongrass and fresh herbs

  1. Prawn Masala

Prawn Masala is a popular dish in Gokarna. The dish combines prawns and spices that is cooked in a spicy paste to make it ready for consumption.

  1. Seer Fish Fry

Once the seer fish is cleaned, the use to chillies, Garam Malasa, ginger garlic paste and other spices is applied on fish and kept to marinate for some time..


In Conclude

Gokarna is the most popular holiday destination for travelers in winter because of its warm and pleasant weather. It is a small town which does not have enough facilities for the tourists. There are only about 500 hotels and guest houses in the town to accommodate tourists who come here during the time of year. The main attraction of this town is that it has some wonderful beaches as well as natural rock formations that make it beautiful. While there are two beaches, Ujire Beach and Madh Island, there are also some rock formations along the coastline. The most popular of these is the Banyan Tree rock. The town itself is quite small and quiet, but there is plenty of things to do during the time of year. The best time to visit this place is from December to February, when there are fewer tourists around.


Although Gokarna does not have many hotels, it has some amazing water sport activities. If you want to try surfing or snorkelling then this town is the best option for you. Hope you like this article and share with your loved ones and If you have wanderlust and live to explore, there’s a lot to get excited about in this blog. you can read about food places  on Travel Tricky 

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