7 Things To Do in Pigeon Forge for Adventure Seekers

Pigeon Forge, nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, is a scenic retreat and a playground for thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts. This vibrant town bursts with activities that cater to the adrenaline junkie in everyone. From the excitement of indoor adventures to the exhilaration of outdoor exploits, Pigeon Forge offers an adventure spectrum that few destinations can match.

Here, every corner promises a new thrill. You can find yourself racing down an indoor snow tube one moment and braving the heights of a sky bridge the next. Pigeon Forge blends the charm of mountain life with the rush of adventure sports seamlessly. Whether you seek the thrill of a simulated skydive or the rush of a mountain coaster, this place has it all. It’s a haven where indoor and outdoor adventures thrive, ensuring every day is packed with heart-pounding excitement.

Pigeon Forge Snow

This 60,000-square-foot indoor snow recreation center delivers winter magic all year long. Plunge, slide, and swoosh down thrilling tubing slopes made from real packed snow. With lanes accommodating single riders, pairs, and groups, friends and family can experience the tubing excitement together. Go sledding or ice skating or start epic snowball fights in designated areas for more wintry fun. Visitors can even try skiing and snowboarding on beginner bunny hills with instruction from trained staff.

For an unforgettable event, book a snow tubing birthday party package. Give your next celebration a cool twist with private cabins, snow tubing races, and fun group games like “King of the Hill.” After working up an appetite tubing, enjoy birthday cake, food, and presents in your reserved area out of the cold. Pigeon Forge Snow provides year-round frozen fun for all ages.

7D Dark Ride Adventure

Buckle up for an exhilarating interactive adventure combining 3D film effects, motion simulation, and elaborate sets. As you ride through immersive environments, you’re immersed in gripping storylines and tasked with blasting the villains who stand in your way. State-of-the-art technology makes the experience intensely realistic. Fight off dragons in medieval battles, stop a citywide alien invasion, and test your sharpshooting skills in the Wild West.

Each rider is provided a blaster to shoot targets that pop out along your journey. The soundtrack and live-action respond in real-time based on your shooting accuracy, creating an ultra-realistic adventure. At the end, view your score and compete with your group. This thrilling 7D challenge engages both body and mind for next-level fun.

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

Experience the incredible sensation of freefalling from the sky without jumping from an airplane. At Flyaway Indoor Skydiving, step into a mighty vertical wind tunnel with updrafts to keep you floating and soaring. Professional coaches guide to help you perfect aerial spins, flips, and falls in the smooth column of air. With winds up to 145 mph, you’ll feel genuine skydiving euphoria and adrenaline in a safe environment.

Flyers get geared up in a jumpsuit, goggles, and helmet before stepping into the glass-enclosed wind tunnel. The constant wind flow levitates you as you find the body positions for smooth floating and maneuvering. No experience is required, making it perfect for first-time skydivers. Add-on video packages capture all the aerial action.

Gatlinburg SkyPark

Venture into the breathtaking Smoky Mountains for an adrenaline-pumping excursion at Gatlinburg SkyPark. Soar over the scenic forest on North America’s largest zigzag-style zipline. On dual racing lines, friends can zoom down side by side. The park also features suspended sky bridges perfect for the gorgeous mountain views and scenery. 

For another heart-pumping challenge, test your nerves on the sky park’s platform swings stepping out over the Smoky Mountain ridges. At night, the park undergoes an awe-inspiring transformation with over 1 million lights illuminating your experience. From scenic strolls to extreme ziplining, Gatlinburg SkyPark conquers acrophobia within the beauty of nature.

Moonshine Mountain Coaster

Control your speed and thrills on this unique mountain coaster descending through the forest. As you zip and curve along the mile-long track, move the control stick to pick up momentum during straightaways. Apply the brakes when needed around sharp turns and dips for a safe ride. The gravity-driven coaster relies on the natural terrain rather than motors for an exciting ride focused on scenery. 

Race through the mountains and let your adrenaline surge as you increase your velocity. Experience night rides under lights for another dimension of excitement. The scenic journey appeals to nature lovers and speed demons alike. Moonshine Mountain Coaster provides thrills motivated by Mother Nature.

Additional Outdoor Adventures

The abundant natural splendor surrounding Pigeon Forge allows adventure seekers to challenge their limits outdoors. Hike scenic Appalachian Mountain Club trails leading to majestic, rewarding views. Bike the extensive trail networks winding through the mountains. Go rafting on the Pigeon River’s Class III-IV rapids for extreme whitewater action. Rock climbs the unique mountain formations and cliffs. Pigeon Forge’s beautiful backdrop inspires endless outdoor activities.

Tips for Adventure Planning

When preparing for thrilling Pigeon Forge adventures, research height, weight, age, and health restrictions for each activity. Read all safety rules and dress appropriately with closed-toe shoes and secured clothing. Hydrate well and fuel up with protein-rich snacks to keep your energy up. Book tickets online in advance for the best deals and availability.

Arrive early, as wait times for popular attractions quickly increase during peak hours. Combination passes allow you to save while maximizing the adventure. Chat with local outfitters to customize guided excursions. Pigeon Forge offers heart-pumping excitement with the right game plan.


Pigeon Forge bursts with thrilling adventures that cater to every adrenaline junkie. From the exhilarating year-round snow activities at Pigeon Forge Snow to the dynamic 7D Dark Ride Adventure, there’s no shortage of excitement. Indoor skydiving at Flyaway offers a taste of free-fall without jumping from a plane, while the Gatlinburg SkyPark presents breathtaking views from sky-high bridges and zip lines. And for a unique twist, the Moonshine Mountain Coaster lets you zoom through scenic landscapes with the control of speed in your hands.


These adventures in Pigeon Forge promise more than just fun; they offer unforgettable experiences. So, gear up and dive into these exceptional activities. Pigeon Forge has everything whether you crave indoor excitement or outdoor thrills. Don’t just hear about it – go out there, explore, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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